Cannabis Training & Certification Courses

Budtenders or employees working for your retail location who have some sort of cannabis certification or training can provide an upper hand in terms of the advanced care your patients or customers can receive, as well as your business having something to offer that your competitors may not.

The following are educational facilities that provide training and certification to prepare those interested in working or already working within the marijuana industry.

Alaska Cannabis InstituteAnchorage, AK

This institute offers two-day seminars and events that can help prepare entrepreneurs and organizations entering or already within the cannabis industry. Industry experts provide information on cannabusiness law, federal tax, strategy, operations, innovations, and technologies. Currently existing marijuana businesses can benefit from insights that can yield tangible results.

Cannabis Career Institute location varies

The Cannabis Career Institute was founded by an instructor at Oaksterdam University, Robert Calkin. This training center is focused on assisting those seeking to be a part of the medical marijuana industry, especially in terms of maintaining compliance with laws and regulations.

Certificates offered include cultivation, business management, edibles operation, budtending, and dispensary management. Seminars are held in cities across the U.S., and the institute does not have a permanent campus. Events are often held in cities with newly passed cannabis laws.

Cannabis Training UniversityOnline

Students can learn at their own pace from any device while enrolled at the Cannabis Training University. CTU offers a full year of access to courses, eBooks, and videos. Students wanting to learn more about the cannabis industry that find themselves with limited time or those in need of a flexible learning schedule can benefit from enrolling here. Ed Rosenthal’s texts make up a lot of the content within the provided eBooks, but other scientists, chefs, lawyers, and horticulturists from the industry are included as well.

Clover Leaf University Denver, CO & online

Clover Leaf University offers general cannabis education, but also focuses on understanding cannabis laws, cannabusiness, and offers cultivation/budtender certification. The campus is in downtown Denver, but online courses and regular webinars are additionally available.

Acclaimed cultivator Ed Rosenthal is a regular contributing faculty member, in addition to many other talented, experienced teachers in the marijuana industry.

College of CannabisOnline

The world’s first online cannabis college, this school provides all the resources necessary to begin a legal cannabusiness in California. They offer professional, regularly updated educational information to help students navigate a complicated and always-changing landscape.

Northern Michigan University – Marquette, MI

Located in the upper peninsula of Ooze Wholesale's home state, Northern Michigan University now offers a medicinal plant chemistry program for those interested in pursuing a career in cannabis. The program was created when the school saw a national shift in policy away from prohibition of marijuana. They also see the stigma associated with cannabis disappearing, and claim this is the only undergraduate degree of its kind: 

"No other 4-year undergraduate degree program in the world combines rigorous coursework in chemistry and biology with research and hands on instrumental analysis built into the curriculum to prepare its graduates for a career in the cannabis industry."

Oaksterdam University Oakland, CA

Perhaps the most prestigious of cannabis-related educational facilities, Oaksterdam University was one of America’s first cannabis-focused educational institutions. Richard Lee (founder of the Hemp Research Company and the Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance) founded this university in 2007.

The faculty and staff at Oaksterstam includes famous advocate Dale Sky Jones and highly respected horticulturist Ed Rosenthal. Cannabis law is taught by lawyers who have specialized in the subject. Not only do those legal professors teach the law, they helped write it as well.

THC University – Online

THC University offers online courses with 24-hour support. They offer seven courses of certification: Horticulture Specialist, Budtender Certification, Cannabis Business, Safety and Regulations in Colorado, Safety and Regulations in Washington, and a Cannabis Products Course. Instruction is led by master horticulturist Jorge Cervantes, and students are required to pass their enrolled courses with at least 90%.

The Trichome Institute Denver, CO & online

The Trichome Institute provide online training for sales/budtending, but their specialty is teaching a process called “interpening.” This course is comparable to one a wine sommelier would take in that it teaches how to detect the subtle and unique features of different cannabis strains. Students learn how to identify strains by studying the plant’s terpene profile and flower structure through guidebooks, infographics, and certification courses.

The Terpening Training courses offer two levels, and both require the attendance of a one-day training course held at the Colorado Free University.

Offered here is a Responsible Vendor course, which is licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division. Marijuana businesses in Colorado can benefit from this course, also taught in conjunction with Hemp Temps, a cannabusiness staffing agency.