Cannatron Best Sellers: November 2021

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time to reveal our best-selling products from November and Black Friday! These are products that performed better than ever this month and have proven themselves to be top picks for the holiday season. If any of these items listed below are new to you, we highly recommend purchasing them when you place your next order. They are in high demand and are the products your customers are coming out to buy. 

This list gets updated at the end of each month to ensure that you have the most up-to-date insider info from us before you plan your next order with us. 


Ooze Slim Twist Vape Batteries 

The Ooze Slim Twist battery is a staple in any smoke shop and in the pocket of any smoker who enjoys using oil cartridges. The Slim Twist tops our best-seller list each and every month without fail and has permanently cemented itself as a category killer. This device comes in 15 colors and the compact display boxes include 50 batteries, which means you can really stock up without sacrificing too much storage space. 


The Slim Twist is a winner during the holidays! These batteries have minimal packaging, which means they are small enough to make a great stocking stuffer. The lower price point also keeps it within smaller gifting budgets and makes a prime white elephant exchange gift or other holiday party game prize. 

The Slim Twist is the most affordable option for wholesale cartridge batteries that can actually be depended on to do their job. Each Ooze battery includes a warranty, so your store will never have to deal with refunding a device. During checkout, instruct your customer to register their device as soon as they open it, and they can file a warranty claim with Ooze if anything ever goes wrong. 


Pre-Rolled Cones (Various Brands) 

Demand for all sorts of pre-rolled cones has been through the roof! High Times recently put out an article predicting a cone shortage in the foreseeable future, which has generated a massive push for bulk cone sales from just about every brand we carry. We strongly recommend that all processors and dispensaries stock up on bulk boxes of cones now while we still have plenty of inventory. 

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular items in a dispensary any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. They’re small and portable, allow customers to sample different strains before committing to a larger flower purchase, and are easy to tuck inside a holiday card envelope. The last situation you want to find yourself in is a mad holiday rush where every customer leaves slightly disappointed because you were completely out of pre-rolls. 


King Palm Mars Grinder 6ct Display 


A quality, reliable grinder is an essential for any smoker. A device that gets stuck with each turn or takes forever to drop through to the chamber is enough of a nuisance to procrastinate starting the smoke session. King Palm recently released their Mars 4-piece grinders to set their biggest fans up with a device that will always produce the perfect grind to pack a King Palm roll. 


These compact devices have a standard design with rounded edges. They’re small enough to keep in a smell proof pouch or backpack, which means they’re also small enough to fit in a stocking or small gift bag. King Palm accessories are still relatively new despite how big of an impact they’ve made since their release. This 6ct display is bright and colorful, so stick it right near your King Palm rolls so customers will automatically grab a pack or two, too. 


Truweigh Classic Digital Mini Scale 

You can never go wrong with a classic, and the Truweigh Classic digital mini scale is no exception. This pocket scale never fails to have a high turnover rate and is a very recognizable shape and style of weed scale. It comes in two capacity options: 100g that measures to 0.01g and 1,000g that measure to 0.1g. It has a hinged cover which is a must for a stoner scale; it protects the scale while not in use. 

They say the best gifts are things the recipient wouldn’t buy themselves, so a digital scale certainly fits the bill. For customers who get their flower from dispensaries, a scale may seem like an afterthought or something that only black market customers need. A cannabis scale is handy for rationing out the last few nugs to last longer, or for precise dosing. Add the Truweigh Classic scale to your holiday gift section to inspire gift purchases that customers may not think of on their own. 


Loud Lock Gold Blunt Tubes 1,000ct Bulk 

If pre-rolled cones are on your shopping list, then blunt tube packaging most likely is, too. Loud Lock Gold Blunt Tubes were our highest-performing packaging product over the past month. These come in 1,000ct bulk boxes, and the shiny gold tone is perfect for holiday dispensary promotions. Instead of boring, clear joint tubes, try the gold version to subconsciously promote pre-rolls as gifts. 


Loud Lock is our first choice when it comes to compliant packaging that can be trusted to always keep contents fresh and secure. These blunt tubes are suitable for any size cone paper you pack, from 1 ¼ size to king size to a full blunt wrap. Customers can then reuse their tubes for later storage to protect the joints and blunts they roll up themselves. 

For smoke shops, blunt tubes can make easy add-on sales for blunt wraps, packs of rolling papers or pre-rolled cone sales. Planning to run holiday in-store promotions? Create a roll and go bundle with a rolling tray, pack of papers, and a gold blunt tube! Blunt tubes can also be tossed in as a freebie with purchase. These are affordable options that you can make work for you. 


White Rhino 19/14mm Glass Downstem 49ct Display 

Most water pipes are designed with a removeable downstem piece, or long, straight tube that connects the flower bowl to the water chamber. The size of the downstem depends on the size and shape of the bong, which means there are an abundance of downstem sizes out there. Matching the correct downstem replacement to a bong a customer already owns can be a challenge, but this display from our Partner Brand White Rhino makes it a bit easier. 

This 49ct POP display is packed with 7 different lengths of downstems. Standard joint sizes are 14mm and 18mm for many mid-size to large pieces, and these White Rhino downstems can fit into either size joint. This makes them twice as likely to match a customer’s beloved piece. An unconventional gift option, but just think of how happy you’d be if a friend gifted you a new downstem to fix your favorite bong! 


The holiday shopping season is well underway, so you’re probably noticing some of your most popular inventory getting low already. Try out any of these best-sellers to fill your empty shelf space during one of the busiest times of the year. Don’t wait, because shipping carriers are getting overloaded with more and more freight by the day! We have more information on holiday shipping, hit the button to learn more! 

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