Cannatron Best Sellers: October 2021

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time to reveal our best-selling products from September! These are products that performed better than ever this month, establishing their positions as category killers. If any of these items listed below are brand new to you, we highly recommend purchasing them when you place your next order. They have proven that they are in high demand and are the products your customers are coming out to buy, which is of the utmost importance as we move into the holiday season! 

This list gets updated at the end of each month to ensure that you have the most up-to-date insider info from us before you plan your next order with us. 



Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen 48ct Acrylic Display 


The Ooze Slim Twist vape battery acrylic display is shown on an angle with the title written underneath. There is an Ooze logo in the top right corner.

The Ooze Slim Twist vape pen battery was our first-ever category-killer, and proves its worth every single month! This battery has been one of our top products ever since it was released. Our customers love the Slim Twist so much that they wanted a clean, eye-catching display piece to show it off in, and so we created the Slim Twist Display. 


This bright green acrylic display piece holds 48 individual Slim Twists in their original packaging. There are 6 hangers that hold each box by its hang tag, with each able to hold 8 batteries. This display arrives packed full with our 6 best-selling colors: Panther Black, Rainbow, Lucky Gold, Cosmic Chrome, Ruby Red, and Sapphire Blue, but the options are endless! Swap in additional colors from our line of 15 options to match the colors of your home sports team or nearby university. Make this display work for you! 


King Palm Crystal Wire-Wrapped Smoke Clips 24ct Display 

The King Palm Crystal Wire-Wrapped Roach Clip POP display is shown with a loose piece next to it. The title is written beneath and there is a King Palm logo in the top right corner.

Anyone who has smoked a King Palm can attest to the quality of their products. King Palm is quickly becoming a household name for tobacco-free products, so you might have already run into some customers asking about King Palm merch and accessories. If the rolls are a big hit in your store, why not try out some of their accessory POP displays as well! Products like the Crystal Wire-Wrapped Smoke Clips are functional, improve the King Palm-smoking experience, and are made with the same quality you expect from this brand. 

The crystal smoke clips provide an elegant way to hold the roll while smoking it. Each piece has a gold clip that pinches the corn husk filter, providing the cool smoke experience that occurs when the filter is bit down on during an inhale. This 24ct counter display is packed with a variety of different gem color options, and the colors may vary between displays. These are accessories customers will keep for a long time, and make great stocking stuffer gifts.  


Truweigh Blaze 100g x 0.01 Digital Scale 12ct Display 

The 12ct Truweigh Blaze Digital Mini Scale POP display is shown with a black loose scale to the right. The title is written beneath and there is a Truweigh logo in the top right corner.

Are the majority of the displays you have up front by your register wraps, rolling papers and lighters? Switch it up a bit with a compact digital mini scale display! Scales are usually tucked away in their own dusty corner of the store that doesn’t get much love. Since they aren’t the most exciting accessories, customers tend to forget about them unless they are coming in specifically for a new scale. Putting a display up front will put it in the front of their mind, inspiring more impulse buying than you may expect. 

The Truweigh Blaze Scale is a favorite in smoke shops because this is the most affordable pocket scale we have to offer. Truweigh recognized this popularity, and decided to create a 12ct POP display. This is a clean, professional display that barely takes up more room than a standard lighter display, despite being packed with larger items. Truweigh also offers a 10-year warranty on their scales, so customers can easily get a replacement from the manufacturer if their scale ever has an issue. 


Loud Lock Grip N Pull Black Mylar Exit Bags - 300ct 

A black Loud Lock mylar grip n pull exit bag is shown. The title is written beneath and there is a Loud Lock logo in the top right corner.


By now, you’re probably more than familiar with the classic mylar bags. These are super durable, tear-resistant baggies that are typically used to hold dry herb. These are often used as dispensary flower packaging because they are airtight and smell proof. The standard sizes all refer to the standard weights that flower is sold in (1g, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 1lb). We’re here to let you know that we have another capacity size that has been super-hot this past month! 

Loud Lock Mylar Exit Bags have been gaining steam, and they have a more natural fit in smoke shops than the other smaller bag sizes. Exit Bags refer to the large, rectangular bags that are used as shopping bags, or what the budtender sends the customer’s goodies out the door in. They are called “Exit Bags” because they are literally intended to exit the building. Smoke shops can also use these to pack up smaller orders, especially rolling papers, wraps and filters, because the bags can also double as storage for their supplies while keeping their cannabis fresh. These black bags are available in 300ct bulk packs. 


Stache ConNectar Replacement Clapton Coil 2-Packs 

A pack of 2 replacement clapton coils for the Ooze x Stache ConNectar. The box is shown with both loose piece in front. The title is written below and there is an Ooze logo in the top right corner.

The Ooze x Stache ConNectar has been a hot product since the day we released it. It’s been a few months since it was introduced to the world, so it makes sense that it is time for frequent users to refresh their device. The ConNectar is a 510 thread straw attachment that transforms a vape battery into an electric nectar collector.  


This attachment features a Clapton coil tip that provides a large dabbing surface area. However, like any other dab coil, it may clog over time, or develop a burnt taste after extensive use at high temperatures. We offer replacement coil packs that include 2 individual coil tips to screw right into the straw mouthpiece of the ConNectar. This instantly refreshes the device. Create a cohesive display area with the Ooze Slim Twist Acrylic Display, the Ooze x Stache ConNectars, and the replacement coil packs. 


White Rhino Glow in the Dark Flip Chillum to Straw 49ct Display 

The White Rhino Flip chillum to straw glow in the dark POP display is shown. The title is written beneath and there is a White Rhino logo in the top right corner.


White Rhino is our newest House Brand, but it has been a steady seller for us for some time now! We are obsessed with the clean look of their POP displays, and this month’s best selling product is a perfect example. The Flip Chillum to Straw display is a super sturdy, white cardboard piece that securely holds all 49 pieces. These displays take an innovative approach; the individual devices don’t have their own packaging, simply pull it out of the display and it’s ready to use. The glow-in-the-dark silicone colors have a striking look on the shelf. 

The White Rhino Flip is an innovative, patented device that can be used as both a chillum for flower and a nectar collector for concentrates. The glass tip has one of those functions at either end, and can switch between them simply by flipping the tip over and inserting it in the silicone straw. This piece is super functional, incredibly easy to clean, durable, and portable. Set the 49ct display on your counter and watch how many people venture over to check it out! 


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