Cannatron Best-Sellers: Q1 2022 Roundup

Can you believe that we’re already at the end of Q1 for 2022?! Time has been flying, like these products have been flying off the shelves. We want these roundup blogs to be a reliable resource for you while deciding what to order, so we’ve decided to change the frequency to a quarterly basis. This will give us more time to collect data and let you know what sells the most consistently! 

We’re taking a step back this time around to give a broader view of what’s hot right now. Use these categories to fill in any empty space on your shelves, and possibly take a chance on a new product you’ve never carried before. 4/20 is the perfect time to experiment because customers are in the state of mind to spend money. Take a look through the list and add any products that catch your eye to cart! 


New Vape Battery Colors have Constant Turnover 

3 Ooze Quad square shaped vape pen batteries are shown next to the two new Twist battery display colors, Gold and Rainbow.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re already well aware that Ooze vape pen batteries have a permanent place at the top of our best-sellers list. Customers love these portable 510 thread devices for their ease of use and affordable price point. These batteries are all backed up with a warranty, giving them ease of mind that they won’t be out of luck if an issue ever occurs. We highly recommend telling customers to register their device on the Ooze site as soon as they open the package! 

Ooze batteries are known for having tons of different choices when it comes to colors. Each time Ooze releases a new color, it’s guaranteed to be a top seller that month, and most likely for months to follow. The affordable price point tells customers that this is a device they can keep multiple backups of, whether it be to own multiple colors, or to keep a device in a few different spots at all times. The new Arctic Blue, Mary Jade, and Ice Pink Quad batteries and the new Rainbow and Gold Twist mAh batteries have had a stellar performance since their debut this quarter. 


Cones Continue to Sell 

5 POP displays of personal pre-rolled cones are shown. On the top there are 3 RAW cone displays and the bottom shows 2 Crop Kingz pre-rolled hemp cone displays.

Cones are always going to be a staple for smoke shops and dispensaries alike. They’re a great choice for new users, because they don’t require any skill to pack and smoke. Bulk boxes of cones from top brands like RAW, Elements, and Zig Zag have performed well through the beginning of the year. These are the boxes of hundreds of cones utilized by processors and dispensaries to quickly fill pre-rolls. 

We are seeing these same brands, as well as brands like Vibes and Futurola, start to produce more cones for individual customers. We now offer a variety of 3pk and 6pk cones that are popular with the customers who are looking for rolling papers and blunt wraps. Cones from brands like Crop Kingz provide an easy-to-fill, tobaccco-free option for blunt smokers looking to kick their tobacco habit. Stock a variety of personal cone options by your rolling paper selection and watch them fly off the shelves! 


Herb Grinders have been Grinding 

Three different grinder styles are shown. On top is a rainbow Ooze Saturn globe grinder, on the bottom left is a gunmetal color Viking Axe grinder, and the bottom right shows a teal green Tsunami grinder.

A reliable weed grinder is a device every stoner needs in their toolkit. It can be difficult to tell if a grinder is going to perform well long term just by picking it up in a store. There is little variation between brands, with most 2-piece and 4-piece grinders having the same relative appearance and function. It all really comes down to how smooth it turns and how easy the chambers are to connect and unscrew. 

We’ve noticed a large uptick in grinder sales since the start of the year. Tsunami grinders are a relatively recent addition to the site that have been performing extremely well. This is a trusted brand that offers several different shapes and sizes in a range of color options that customers gravitate towards. Some other top choice grinder brands according to our metrics are the Aqua grinders, Viking Axe grinders, the Ooze Saturn Grinder, and grinder POP displays from King Palm. 


Pocket-Sized Dab Rigs 

The 4 colors of the Ooze Pronto Electronic Concentrate Device nectar collector dab straw are shown. From left to right the colors are gold, rainbow, chrome, and black.

The portable, electronic dab rig category has been exploding lately! Concentrates are becoming more widespread, so customers are looking for all new ways to enjoy them. Traditional dab rig set ups tend to be big and bulky, and using a butane torch is a major deterrent for anyone who lacks experience. Portable dab rigs like the Ooze Pronto are a genius solution that takes all the scary guesswork out of the dabbing process.  

Another great aspect about devices like the Pronto is the price point. The super high-tech portable dab straws and nectar collectors still carry a hefty price tag that makes them unappealing to anyone who isn’t obsessed with dabbing quite yet. The Pronto is an accessible, affordable device that takes just a few seconds to heat up and can then be carried around in a pocket. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! 


Tons of Scale Sales 

Three Truweigh digital mini pocket scales are shown. On top is the gold Shine scale, bottom left shows the black Sonic scale, and the right shows the Lynx mini scale.

Similar to grinders, digital scales are also a staple for any serious smoker. Digital scales are great for personal dosing, making sure the dispensary didn’t rip you off, and rationing out the last of a stash. A mini digital scale is ideal to keep in a stoner toolkit, as they’re usually pocket-sized and flat so they aren’t difficult to store. 

Our go-to scale brand will always be Truweigh! Their technology is top-notch and reliable, and they back it up with a 10-year warranty. The top styles in Q1 have been the gorgeous Shine scale in both rainbow and gold, the compact Lynx, and the sleek Sonic. These have ample capacity for personal amounts, and provide accurate, precise readings that measure to 0.01g. 


Throw Some Mylar in the Bag 

Two Loud Lock mylar bags are shown. In back there is a plain black mylar bag, and the front shows a custom printed Ooze branded mylar bag.

Rounding out our Q1 best-sellers are Loud Lock Mylar Bags. These durable, resealable bags have an insane amount of uses, not limited to just cannabis-related purposes, and come in a vast assortment of size and quantity options. This is a fan-favorite packaging option that looks professional while taking up the least amount of shelf storage space. The bags pack flat into boxes, unlike pop tops or jars that require a lot more room. 

More customers have been asking for more options for custom packaging, so we have some big projects in the works! We can’t say too much yet, but keep an eye out for some big announcements related to getting your own logos and branding printed on your packaging products.  


We hope Q1 has been a success so far, and rounds out with a huge sales day on April 20th! Once you’re cleaned out on the big stoner holiday, think about adding some of our hottest 1st quarter sellers to fill in those empty slots on your shelves. Still looking for more product recommendations on how to best stock your inventory? Reach out to your Cannatron sales rep today for personalized suggestions, or take a look back at our monthly best-seller blogs from this year! 


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