Cannatron Best-Sellers: Q2 2022 Round-Up


It’s that time again for us to reveal the top-selling products for the quarter. Some categories remain at the top of the list while others are just emerging! Use this quarterly guide as a resource for your own store’s inventory. Hopefully it gives you some fresh ideas to bring to your shelves, and gives insight into what customers are going crazy for so you can stock up accordingly. 


Ooze Battery Displays

Three Ooze Vape Pen POP Displays: Quad, Slim Twist, and Standard 

The Slim Twist, Quad and Standard displays are tried and true category killers. They’ve proven to be popular in so many different types of stores, from smoke shops to dispensaries to gas stations and liquor stores.

The batteries are easily recognizable, so showcasing them in a simple yet bright display draws customers in.  We’ve also maintained the low price point with a warranty that customers feel comfortable adding onto a purchase. Don’t forget to have a charger tub always stocked nearby!


KP Mini Flavor Displays

 Three King Palm Mini size Flavor Displays - Sean O'Malley Suga Punch, Mango OG and Lemon Haze

King Palm Mini 2-packs are some of our most consistent sellers of all time. The King Palm x Sean O’Malley Suga Punch flavor is from their collaboration with the rainbow-haired UFC fighter. These displays feature Sean O’Malley himself, drawing in UFC fans and non-fans alike.

We tend to sell out of new flavor arrivals immediately. Once they come back in stock, it’s a mad dash to get an orders fulfilled, so stay on top of new releases to make sure you always have the latest from our Partner Brand. Mango OG and Lemon Haze also were standout flavors along with Suga Punch this quarter.


Cleaning Supplies

 Cleaning supplies best sellers: Glob Mops XL and Ooze Resolution Res Gel

We’ve seen dab accessories grow in popularity across the board this year, but Q2 showed a lot of interest in cleaning supplies, specifically ones for dab rigs. Glob Mops and other cotton swabs are popular because the cotton is spun way tighter than the Q-tips you buy from the grocery store and won’t leave little bits of cotton behind. It’s hard to get a deep clean without something small and precise!

The Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner is also a fan favorite because it’ so easy to use. All you have to do is drop a sticky banger, carb cap or dab tool directly into the pouch and let them soak. For larger accessories like dab rigs, pour the solution in and let it coat the walls. This way, your customers can clean multiple pieces at once with a reusable solution.

Because cleaning supplies have been so popular this quarter, we suggest devoting an entire section in your store to cleaning solutions and tools if you haven’t already.


Portable Electronic Dab Straws

 Ooze Portable Electronic Dab Straws: The Pronto and the Ooze x Stache ConNectar

As concentrates grow in popularity, customers are looking for more ways to enjoy them without a giant dab rig and a big, scary torch. It’s pretty difficult or even impossible to haul these things along on trips. Because of this, electronic dab straw accessories are a big hit for summer! This method seems to be preferred to loading up sticky substances into an atomizer. 

One of our best-sellers this quarter was the Ooze x Stache ConNectar, which turns just about any vape battery into a dab straw. This 510-thread vape pen attachment is as simple as it gets when it comes to traveling with dabs.

Another popular option for dabbing on-the-go is the Ooze Pronto, a handheld dab rig. This might be one of the most foolproof ways to dab as all functions are controlled by one button.

Don’t forget to stock up on replacement coil packs because wax is obviously sticky and coils will eventually need to be replaced. Recommend a pack of Res Wipes for a quick wipe after each dab session!


Pre-Rolled Cone POP Displays

 Pre-Rolled Cone Display Best Sellers: RAW 1 1/4 size cones and Tyson Ranch blunt cones

Cones are the perfect solution for anyone who isn’t very skilled in rolling joints. Even if your rolling paper selection is looking nice and stocked, don’t neglect your cone options! Having cones available could actually help your rolling paper sales if you’ve got lots of non-joint-rollers walking through your doors.

Many rolling paper brands are now also producing pre-rolled cones. They also cost a bit more and contain less sheets than a book of papers, so customers who love cones are typically willing to spend a bit more. Plus, they’ll need to re-purchase more often than the rolling paper customer. Get them loving the cones and you’ll have a loyal, returning customer!

Pre-rolled cone display best-sellers: Blazy Susan and Pop Cones Strawberry Jam

We have flavored options, natural options, and cones from all the top brands. Some of the top sellers this quarter were Pop Cones, Tyson Ranch, Blazy Susan and RAW.


With these suggestions in mind, keep rocking 2022 into the third quarter! For more information, check out our Q1 roundup for this year here. As always, you can reach out to your Cannatron rep for personalized recommendations.