Cannatron Best Sellers: September 2021

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time to reveal our best-selling products from September! These are products that performed better than ever this month, establishing their positions as category killers. If any of these items listed below are brand new to you, we highly recommend purchasing them when you place your next order. They have proven that they are in high demand and are the products your customers are coming out to buy, which is of the utmost importance as we move into the holiday season! 

This list gets updated at the end of each month to ensure that you have the most up-to-date insider info from us before you plan your next order with us. 


Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaning Gel


A pouch of Ooze Resolution glass cleaning gel is shown with the product title written in black below. There is a little flag in the top right corner with the brand's logo.


Ooze Resolution became a Cannatron House Brand after we acquired Resolution Colorado and rebranded. The revolutionary cleaning gel is the product that really sold us on this brand as a whole! Now an oozey green color, this is the hottest glass cleaner on Instagram. If your customers are active on the app, they’re likely to recognize this product. 


Glass cleaner presents an upselling opportunity for any piece of glass sold; everyone needs to clean their piece eventually. Not only is this formula non-toxic, but it is also reusable! This makes it a great value for the customer, knowing that they will be able to get tons of cleanings out of a single bag. We recommend displaying a bag or two on any shelf that also holds your glass wares. 


Loud Lock Clear Joint Tubes – 1000ct
Three clear Loud Lock joint tubes are shown with the product title written in black below. The center tube has the pop top lid open and it sits on an angle. There is a small flag in the top right corner with the brand's logo.

Packaging products aren’t just for dispensaries and processors. Joint tubes by Loud Lock provide a durable, smell proof way to transport joints, blunts, and cones. Sure, a customer will receive a doob tube with a pre-roll purchase from a dispensary, but what about for the joints they roll themselves? Give them the tools they need to enjoy their cannabis any way they want.


This bulk 1,000-count pack is a great value for your store. You can place them on a counter in a tub so customers can help themselves, or you can create your own packaging supply bundles. Pair clear joint tubes with mylar bags, or pop top vials, with a smell proof case. While most customers come to your store with a general idea of what they’re looking for, it’s affordable add-on products like joint tubes that can gradually increase your average order value over time. 


Truweigh Riot Scales 

A black Truweigh Riot Scale is shown with the back lit LCD screen turned on and the scale's cover sitting perpendicular on the weighing platform, being used as a weighing tray. There is a small flag in the top right corner that has the brand's logo.

 The difference is in the details when it comes to the Truweigh Riot Scales. While they don’t look too different than most of the other digital pocket scales that grace your shelves, these have a finish that sets them apart. A soft-touch rubber coating covers the entire outside, elevating the overall look with a matte finish and providing some protection against knocks and bumps. 


Most weighing platforms are made of stainless steel, which is notorious for leaving fingerprints behind. This can be a major pet peeve for anyone who likes to keep their tools neat and tidy. The Riot has an anti-fingerprint coating that keeps it fresh and clean at all times. These scales also have the perfect capacity size and readability for personal amounts of flower. They can handle up to 100g and measure to 0.01g, making it easy to dose out each session. 


Stache IGNYT Torch  

The black Stache IGNYT butane torch is shown with the product title written in black underneath. There is a small flag in the top right corner with the brand's logo.

Turn up the heat with a Stache IGNYT Torch! We love all things Stache because of their expertise when it comes to concentrate-related products. This company was brought on as a House Brand because their team of experts really blew us away with their innovation. This torch is an extension of that; although it is a relatively simple, standard smoke shop accessory, they’ve put their own spin on it that makes a real difference in real-world use.  


The wide base and ultra-light weight of the device will make this a favorite among long-time dabbers. However, this was also designed to be intuitive for new users as well. Many standard torches have a few too many buttons, switches, or dials on them, so it can be confusing and intimidating for a newbie to fire it up confidently. With the IGNYT, simply open the gas valve with a twist of the dial, and press the ignition button that sits directly above the dial. No guessing or misfiring here! 


King Palm Mango OG 2-Pack Mini 20-Count Display


The King Palm 20ct Mango OG Mini pre-roll counter display is shown on an angle. There is a loose pouch directly to the right, and the product title is written below in black. There is a small flag in the top right corner with the brand's logo.

 King Palm continues to pump out new delicious flavor options for their pre-rolls. While their original, unflavored options are a steady seller, the flavors are by far the most popular options at the moment. The Mini size holds 1g of flower, and each pack includes 2 cones and a packing stick. Our data shows that this size is a fan favorite, and is ideal for either a solo sesh or to share with a friend. 


Mango is a classic flavor in the cannabis game, since the real fruit is known to enhance the effects of the plant. It is a subtle, fruity flavor that complements the natural terpenes in many different cannabis strains without being overpowering. Mango is a popular flavor in its own regard, too, and King Palm listened to the customers asking for this flavor. Place this 20-count display front and center, with “NEW” signage if possible, so customers know this is a brand new product that they just have to try. 


Blazy Susan 1 ¼ Size Pink 6-Pack Cones 21-Count Display

The Blazy Susan 1 1/4 size pink pre-rolled cones display is shown, fully packaged and closed. The product title is written below in black, and there is a small flag in the top right with the brand's logo.

 Pink pre-rolled cones were all the rage this month! All of Blazy Susan’s paper products are completely vegan and chlorine and GMO-free. Made from wood pulp with a light dye, they are a super fun way to add a feminine touch to any smoke session. They are also a favorite on Instagram, as the pink paper pops more in photos that classic joints. 



This cone-shaped bulk box includes 21 individual packs of 6 cones in 1 ¼ size. These personal packs of cones make awesome stocking stuffers. It’s easy to make girly gift bags with products like these Blazy Susan cones, an elegant grinder, cute rolling tray, and fun lighter. Make it easy for your customers to cross multiple people off their shopping list this holiday season by presenting them with products already in the form of gifts, instead of them hunting down each individual accessory in the store. 


We cannot stress enough that it is vital to get your holiday prep orders in ASAP! Our most popular products will only continue to pick up speed until they sell out. While we are working hard to make sure our warehouses are stocked with inventory, global supply chain issues are already causing delays at every step of the logistical chain. Save yourself the stress of frantic, last-minute buying by placing your orders early this year.