Germ-Reducing Products are Infectious Right Now!

Cold and flu season kicked itself up a notch this year and everyone’s freaking out. Hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found on the shelves of grocery stores and people are “discovering” that washing your hands is indeed a necessity (all year ‘round, people). But something like passing around a pipe is so reflexive to some people that often, they forget they’re even sharing germs.  


An easy way to remind your customers to take the proper precautions during their smoke sessions is to display bacteria-reducing products in your shop. Accessories like antiseptic wipes, mouthpieces and easy-to-clean products are sure to be a hit going forward, but especially in the midst of widespread infection. Plus, you’re doing your part to reduce the risk of your customers spreading illnesses to each other! Below are the best sanitation products to stock up on this season.


Ooze Silicone Hybrid Products

The yellow Ooze Steamboat sits in its original packaging on a light green surface with a light gray background.

Not only can our silicone pipes, bowls and bongs be used for both flower and concentrate, you can also advertise that they are dishwasher safe for extra sanitation. No one likes to have to scrub their piece or wait for the solution to break down all the resin, and honestly, it makes it less likely they’ll clean it at all. Knowing it’s dishwasher safe will encourage customers to put their health first and invest in a product that’s easy to maintain.


Mooselabs Mouthpeace

A display of Mooselabs Mouthpeaces with three different tie dye colorways sits on a shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom.

The Mooselabs Mouthpeace was created for this exact reason—to increase sanitation in social smoking scenarios. It fits onto any pipe, bong, joint or blunt to effectively reduce the spread of bacteria. They come in fun colors and patterns and even include a lanyard. Your customers will totally want to roll up to their next function with one of these bad boys around their neck— hygienic is the new cool. You can stock up on these individually or order in bulk to create an entire display.


Antiseptic Wipes

Two packages of Crud Bud alcohol cotton swabs sit on a black shelf. The square box has a strip of swabs extended that are individually wrapped in plastic.

Alcohol wipes and swabs are also great to display front and center this season. It will remind customers that they can quickly swab their pieces or mouthpieces with these convenient alcohol wipes in between each puff-puff-pass. These are also great for quick cleanups on sticky dab rigs or bowls.


Deep-Cleaning Solutions

Resolution Colorado cleaning solution in a large pouch with a dispensing spout, and two packs of Resolution silicone cleaning caps sit on a shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom.

Faster or more serious cleaning solutions for glass and silicone pieces are tantalizing right now amidst viral outbreaks. Especially for those who love to share and spread the wealth among friends, it’s crucial to regularly clean the entire piece inside and out.  


Joint Cones

A 50ct pack of Blazy Susan pink pre-rolled cones sits on a black shelf. A single pink cone with a packing stick lays on the shelf in front of the package.

Display packs of cones near the cash register to encourage your customers to offer them to all their friends. Having these available makes it easy for everyone at the party to just have their own joint instead of passing. We love the Blazy Susan cones because they’re vegan, chlorine- and GMO-free and made from wood pulp so they’re safe for everyone. They’re also super thin for a nice slow burn.


Not only will these products be super popular in this bacteria-killing craze, but you’ll be reminding your customers to protect themselves when sharing their favorite herbs. Stock up today and check out our other smoke shop essentials for winter.