How Retailers Can Attract & Retain the Best Employees

A marijuana-oriented retailer must operate like any other type of business to be successful. Finding quality members for your team requires a thorough interview and vetting process.

Many of these points could be considered important aspects in any industry, but there are specific ways that a weed-based business can attract and retain the best employees.

Write Job Descriptions That Are Clear & Compelling

One way to attract top candidates is to clearly communicate responsibilities and expectations within the job posting. Ensure to include any legal requirements of the position.

This is also where you can differentiate your company from others. Consider why someone would want to work for your business and include that in the job posting as well.

Offer Competitive Compensation

A strong team is necessary for success, so retailers must compensate appropriately to build and keep that team. It’s important to invest in your employees, especially if they’re capable of boosting overall sales. If you’re able to set your pay rate above the industry’s standard, potential employees will know that you value their time and experience. Upper management positions will require a salary that matches the responsibilities of each role.

Find Experienced Employees

If you’re operating a dispensary, your employees are responsible for being knowledgeable about not only regulations, but also the best ways to provide for chronically ill patients. To work within this industry, it is imperative to be able to conduct business both legally and compassionately.

Marijuana retailers can recruit from competitors as those individuals will typically have the base knowledge and experience needed to be successful right away.

Be active within the cannabis community. Network through industry events like trade shows and conferences. There is potential to meet experienced, qualified candidates, and you’ll learn a lot through the process as well.

A reputable staffing agency can also assist with sourcing candidates for key positions.

Interview Process

Serious candidates – those who will work to improve your business upon being hired – are looking for a career rather than just a job.

Ask the right questions, like why the candidate wants to work for your business, how they stay up-to-date on developments in the cannabis industry, and where they see themselves in five years. These questions can gauge a lot about the person you’re considering. Those who present themselves as someone interested in growing with your business are likely the same to be trusted to help improve your business.

Consider an advancement plan that rewards your employee’s hard work and their commitment and loyalty to your business. This type of plan can also be an additional perk to make a job offer more appealing.


Educating your employees is one of the most important aspects of being successful. Retailers – especially dispensaries – have different protocols and policies that need to be learned prior to properly assisting customers. Offering training programs and continued education can increase the desirability of a position at your business.

Further, ensure your employed staff understands your willingness to support their continued education within the cannabis industry. Encourage a continued awareness of the latest trends among competing marijuana retailers.


Regulations change constantly, therefore retailers cannot become complacent when it comes to compliance.

It is imperative that a marijuana retailer review their compliance practices regularly, but also train their employees on a regular, ongoing basis as well.

There is no lack of compliancy topics relevant within this industry, things like the marketing and packaging of edibles, advertising of services, reporting of sales to local/state governments, and the restriction of sales to minors.


Once you’ve hired some all-star staff, ensure you keep them by providing larger scopes of responsibility, compensating at or above industry rates, and always recognizing great performance.

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