How To Make Your Dispensary Event A Success

Holding an event at your dispensary or retail location can be difficult, but with some creativity and full awareness of the laws your event can be a successful one. The following are tips to consider to ensure your event is both memorable and yields results.

Music is a Must

Whether you recruit a local band or enlist a local EDM producer, it is important to incorporate a killer soundtrack to make your event great. Extra points if that band or DJ already happens to be a hit with the cannabis crowd.

A lot goes into booking a musician or artist, so be sure you’re not leaving this aspect of planning for last.

Don’t Forget the Food!

It is imperative that you offer food at your event, and free food is even better. Food trucks offer an easy, affordable solution that don’t require you to clean up the mess once the event is over.

Offer Great Deals

Make sure your customers are aware of the deals you’re offering during your event. Mail out flyers, update all social media platforms accordingly, and consider advertising in local papers.

Invite Influencers

Your event can be expanded if you invite influencers relevant to the industry. Influencers who are popular on Instagram or YouTube will have tens of thousands of followers on either or both platforms, which could assist in providing your event a considerable boost of interest.

Customer Branding

Many states don’t allow dispensaries to give away free weed, but branded accessories are fair game. Creating your own branded merchandise to offer as swag to your customers helps brand them, creating advocates for your business. Consider creating sunglasses, lanyards, lighters, papers, stickers, shirts, pins, anything you can see your customer base enjoying or having a use for.

Giveaways help encourage consumers to return to your business.

Know The Law

It is especially important to know the ins and outs of the law prior to hosting a cannabis-related event at your business.

Even if your residing state has recreationally legalized, keep in mind that it is sadly still illegal on a federal level. Breaking any state laws, even accidentally, can attract unnecessary attention.

Ensure to fully understand your obligations as a business owner and to remove any attendees who aren’t following the rules.

Here are some event ideas to help raise awareness about your business:

Grand Opening

First impressions only happen once, so you want a grand opening event for your dispensary or retail location to be as successful as possible. It is important to think outside the box and have as memorable event as possible.

Consider seeking local sponsorship as there are likely cannabis brands in your area that would be interested in gaining exposure by being a part of your event.

Free pizza or food, an outdoor BBQ, or an awesome DJ can bring in a large crowd and increase sales numbers during the event.

Vendor Days/Product Launches

Customers typically enjoy learning about new products, and they especially enjoy freebies. Holding vendor days at your location is a great way to introduce new strains, vaporizers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates to your consumers.

Consider extending an invite to multiple vendors to display their products during the same vendor day event – if they are promoting different products it shouldn’t become an issue. Customers can enjoy free samples and possibly save money on vendor day deals.

Utilize your social media platforms to advertise these events in advance to create awareness and build excitement. Share the fun of experiencing new strains or new methods of consumption with your customers, and you could see an increase in your customer base.

Customer Appreciation Days

Events held to thank your loyal customer base can be very beneficial for your location. Offering special sales and discounts will hopefully bring in a large majority of first-time customers, too.

Utilize referral specials during these events as well. This will motivate your customers to bring along their friends and family, greatly increasing your customer traffic.

Educational Staff Events

Team up with local cannabusinesses to educate your staff on the best products, best practices, and the latest innovations happening within the cannabis industry. Your customers trust your budtenders and employees to help them make the right choices for their needs, and the knowledge they learn at these events can help them assist your customers the best.

Celebrate 4/20

April 20th is every stoner’s favorite holiday, but also typically among a collective’s busiest days each year. Consider offering sales counting up to the day and holding an event to draw in an even larger crowd.