How to Stand Out in Cannabis Retail

There’s no arguing the marijuana industry is a saturated one, and for your dispensary or cannabis retail location to stand out, you must be willing to keep up with all the changes, in far more ways than one.

Creating a clear brand identity, embracing content creation, and evaluating your competitors will result in the ability to stand out among them.

Define Your Demographic

Fully understanding your customer base is important regardless of the industry your business is in. Defining your demographic provides insight on who you should be targeting, where you can find them, and the best ways to grab their attention.

By creating detailed buyer personas or profiles for each target consumer segment, it will be easier to discern which marketing tactics would work best with each demographic.

Create a Clear Brand Identity

If your branding is strong enough, you’ll never struggle to capture the attention of possible customers and create both brand recognition and brand loyalty. Consider your color scheme and your overall design. Effective and consistent branding will provide a solid first impression of your dispensary or retail location, setting the tone for all future interactions that consumers will have with your company.

Determine what atmosphere would work best to attract your target clientele. When designing your store, consider every aspect of the layout and décor, ensuring your customers feel comfortable and entice them to return. Take every aspect into account: the way you have displayed your products, the colors you chose to decorate with, the way your employees are dressed. All these aspects and more will create a lasting impression if done well.

The Importance of Content

Content comes in many forms: blogs, graphics, infographics, videos – content creators regularly come up with new ways to engage customers. The goal of your content should be to engage, inform, educate, advertise, and create customer loyalty.

When you post consistent, relevant blogs, you can set yourself above your competition as an expert within the cannabis industry. Posting blogs on your website keeps your site relevant within search engine algorithms and working keywords into those blogs ensures you’ll match what people are searching for, your resource will rank higher within search results, and more traffic will be driven to your site.

Many people learn through visual methods, so graphics, illustrations, and photos as opposed to large text boxes will typically garner more interactions on social media. Infographics are a great avenue to educate your followers, communicate important information, and if they’re done well, there’s potential to create more leads and send more new customers to your location.

It takes a mere three seconds for customers to decide whether they want to engage with your company online, so it is imperative to try to capture their attention within that small time frame.

Social Media - Dispensaries may not be able to legally advertise via most social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a conversation about cannabis being had on those platforms. If your business isn’t taking advantage of the organic promotion that can be experienced from posting on social media, there’s a chance your business won’t last very long.

Videos/Live Feeds - Videos are immensely popular on social media and serve as a great way to get around some of the social media woes that dispensary owners and marijuana retailers encounter. Consider utilizing the live feed features offered by many social media platforms as well. This could provide potential customers with a solid idea of the customer experience that can anticipate from visiting your location.

The more relevant content you share on social media, the more opportunity current customers and potential customers can interact with you. Make sure you or one of your employees takes time to answer any questions posed on social media and engage with your following. This will demonstrate that you are approachable and reliable.

Consider Your Competitors

To understand your company’s position within the industry, you must first understand your competition. How do your prices compare to others in your vicinity? Do you offer unique or exclusive products or services that other retailers do not? When you assess your competition properly, you don’t necessarily just look for ways to stand out, it also helps determine what the market may or may not need.