Introducing Ooze Resolution Wipes

Ooze Resolution is on a mission to provide tools that ritualize and simplify the cleaning process so your customers can easily live a healthy stoner lifestyle. With the brand-new Ooze Resolution Wipes, your customers can clean their bongs, bangers, bowls, and more in under a minute! These weed wipes instantly remove resin from glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces leaving it looking brand new.

Ooze Resolution Wipes with sparkling clean glass products with blue background


Every customer purchasing a new piece from your store needs an easy way to maintain and keep it clean. Here are some of the top reasons it is crucial to have these resin removing wipes stocked up at your store:

1. Upselling Opportunities 

Ooze Resolution Wipes are an excellent upselling opportunity for any customer purchasing glass, metal, or ceramic smoking items. Because these weed wipes can be used to clean dirty bongs, bangers, dabbers, vape connections points, and more, you can offer them to a wide variety of customers. Plus, if your customers are already in the habit of using Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaning Gel, they will love having the option to purchase these wipes too. We suggest displaying the entire cleaning line of Ooze Resolution Gel, Res Wipes, and Res Caps together for the full effect!

2. Product Preservation 

If your customers want to keep their smoking supplies preserved for many sessions to come, they should regularly wipe away resin in between deep cleaning it with Ooze Resolution Gel. Frequent use of wipes is efficient for product preservation and a great way for your customers to get in the habit of caring for their piece.

3. Customer Safety 

Resin and oil can wreak havoc on your customers' lungs. When they buy a new piece, it's important that they know smoking out of it when it's dirty is super unhealthy. These wipes are an excellent upsell that will help your customers maintain a safe and healthy stoner lifestyle. Plus, you can keep an open pack in store to show off how well they work!


Ooze Resolution Wipes with hand on wipes and yellow background

Ooze Resolution Wipes can be used on glass, metal, and ceramic smoking utensils. These wipes can even be used to wipe sticky resin off of hands and fingers instead of trying to get it off with soap or harsh alcohol. To use Ooze Resolution Wipes, all your customers have to do is grab a wipe, the dirty piece that needs a scrub, and rub the resin away. Your customer will be shocked at how fast the grimy residue will glide right off! 


Offer your customers the entire Ooze Resolution cleaning set so they can live a healthy stoner lifestyle! We suggest display your Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaner, Ooze Resolution Wipes, Ooze Resolution Res Caps, and other Ooze Resolution accessories together for the maximum effect.