Introducing the Ooze Prizm Silicone Glass Stash Jar

There are tons of different ways to store cannabis. From mason jars, pop tops, to mylar bags, there are a lot of flower storage options for customers to choose from. However, these options are only great in the short term and are not viable long-term storage solutions. Several key factors keep cannabis fresh long term. The NEW Ooze Prizm Silicone Stash Jar is equipped with these essential elements like airtight technology, UV ray protection, and a durable silicone sleeve. We will discuss why the Ooze Prizm is the perfect long-term storage option to offer your customers below.

Airtight Technology  

Ooze created the Prizm storage container with airtight technology that will keep your customer’s flower fresh, sticky, and potent. Cannabis is a natural substance, which means it can get stale like chips or a loaf of bread when left out. Plus, terpenes will degrade the longer they are exposed to air. This is one of the many reasons your customers will need a special container to store their weed in.

Ooze Prism in Blue, Rasta, Green, and Black with a orange background.

The Ooze Prizm is designed to keep air out while locking freshness in. This airtight design helps keep minimal air inside the container to allow the flower to stay unexposed and sticky.

Durable Protection  

If there is one thing your customers care about, it is protecting their stash! That is why the Ooze Prizm is equipped with a durable silicone case that will protect your customer’s bud if they accidentally drop or knock it over.

green Ooze prism silicone jar spilling with a green background

The Prizm also protects against UV rays which can be damaging to the cannabis plant. Offering your customer an easy solution to protect their weed from the elements and accidents is a wonderful way to get them to feel safe about their purchase. Plus, if a customer accidentally cracks the inner glass jar Ooze carries replacements. It's actually the same glass piece inside the Ooze Kettle and Ooze UFO. 

Storage Capacity 

Storage capacity is an especially important aspect when your customers are buying a container for their stash. With a storage capacity of up to 7 grams of cannabis, the Ooze Prizm is compact enough for travel yet spacious enough for a sizable stash. Plus, it has a wide mouthpiece that makes in and out access easy! 

Ooze Prism Wholesale  

Ooze Prism stash jars in blue, green, black, and rasta displayed in a pyramid.

The Ooze Prizm Silicone Glass Stash Jar POP display includes 8 Prizms with all 4 colors: Black, Teal, Green, and Rasta. We suggest taking them out and displaying them around your store, next to products that make sense. Products like grinders, rolling trays, bongs, or anything flower-related would be a great upselling opportunity!