Keep Your Store Stocked Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to plague the global supply chain, causing inventory issues for just about every retail company. If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve had to come up with ways to create the illusion that your store is fully stocked.


Even if your typical inventory is backordered, you don’t want your shelves to appear empty. Customers will worry that you’ve got one foot in and one foot out as far as your business goes. Yikes! Not to mention, your customers have less merchandise to actually purchase, causing your sales to go down. Luckily, all it takes is a little rearranging!


First, take a look at what you’ve got in the back and take note of your inventory that’s been sitting around for a while. This is the perfect opportunity to move these products and create space for new innovations. Create fun displays or even run sales for these items to draw attention to them and entice customers.

 Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Batteries are hanging in their packaging on a smoke shop shelf. They are lined up in rainbow order: orange, yellow, lime green, teal, blue, and purple.

Then, take stock of what you have on the floor and think outside the box with your setup and display. Put your most popular products front and center, perhaps next to a slower-selling item that you’ve put on sale.


You may also consider finding a new supplier. Here at Ooze Wholesale, we’re working hard to find new brands with available products. This way you can rely on products arriving if you’re low on inventory or just want to excite your customers with something new.

 An overhead shot of a group of glass pipes from Ooze Wholesale. Clockwise from top left, they are tentacle pipes, ice cream, a ray gun, strawberry, pineapple, a log with mushrooms, a sunflower, and an octopus.

Our new selection of glass pipes includes fun shapes like pineapples, elephants, sunflowers and even a ray gun design. Display colorful items like these by the window so customers walking by see them right away. Glass hand pipes will always be a fan favorite.


Another area we’re stocked up on is plenty of CBD products, an extremely popular option right now among all demographics. Plus, our huge variety of wraps and rolling papers will satisfy any customer—they need to stock up, too! You can even consider selling entire displays of wraps so they can make a bulk purchase. All these products (and more) are available here and ready to grace your shelves. 

 Two displays of The Clear CBD capsules sit together on a shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom. The left display is the PM capsules, with black branding and added melatonin, and on the right is the AM display with cream colored branding and added caffeine.

Even if you’re experiencing supply chain issues and you have less inventory than normal, it’s important to make sure you do everything you can to keep your shop looking healthy. If your shelves look bare from outside the store, it could deter your customers from risking infection by walking in, resulting in even less business during this crazy time. Dust off those shelves, take inventory, and start restocking!


We're always here to support your business. If your team needs advice as to what inventory might perform the best for your store, talk to your Ooze Wholesale representative today!