Ooze Wholesale Customer Wins Ultimate Las Vegas Giveaway

The winter months always seem to drag on, dreary and gray, with no end in sight. Getting yourself out of bed and in to work becomes more of a chore every day, and it’s easy to find yourself just going through the motions of the work day. A fun weekend getaway is the perfect antidote to the winter blues. An all-expense paid trip to Vegas is the ultimate seasonal depression eliminator.

Ooze Wholesale Customer Wins Ultimate Las Vegas Giveaway - Vegas Strip At Night Bird's Eye View

The Ooze Wholesale team knows the value of a totally stress-free vacation. That’s why we decided to host this spectacular giveaway for our cherished customers. One lucky winner and their guest are being treated to round-trip flights to Las Vegas, four days at the incredible Caesars Palace Hotel, tickets to see two fabulous Vegas shows and dinner vouchers for three delicious evenings. Customers were automatically entered in the drawing each time they spent at least $1,000 with us, with no limit on entries.

We believe our customers deserve the absolute best, both in the service we provide to them, and in how they enjoy their well-deserved leisure time. The hard-working winner of this incredible prize is David Norton, owner of the Glass N More Stores Inc in Ohio!

“The Glass N More store is a family-owned and operated smoke shop,” said Norton. “We have six locations in Amherst, Bellevue, Fremont, Norwalk, Sandusky, and Tiffin, Ohio.”

Running a chain of successful smoke shops is no easy feat. There are so many moving parts to deal with when operating multiple locations. Ooze Wholesale assists in this by supplying the quality products the Nortons determine are fit for their business, in a reliable and timely fashion. Now, we’re thrilled to provide an exciting opportunity for David and his son Erik to relieve some stress and forget about work for a few days.

“We have been ordering from Ooze for about a year now,” said Norton. “We order weekly with great turn around, we generally order and get the items the next day. The nice thing is that we’ve only had one instance where we had to back order, and even then we got the items just a few days later.”

Ooze truly values the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We are planning more extensive giveaways like this for 2019, and hope to be able to give back in even more ways to our clientele. Fingers crossed that David has the same luck at the Blackjack table that he did when he entered our giveaway!