Marketing Tips to Boost Marijuana Retail Sales

Marketing your marijuana retail location, company, or brand within the cannabis industry requires extra creativity due to the restrictions placed on the industry and its ability to utilize social media and other paid online offerings to advertise.

The following are some marketing tips to assist in boosting your marijuana retail sales.

Social Media Marketing

According to TechCrunch, more than half of the time spent on mobile devices is spent on one of the main social media platforms. Your business must exist on social media if you want to be successful.

But, cannabis brands that have aggressively tried to market their company on Facebook have had their page unpublished, with Facebook citing that the page doesn’t follow the “Facebook Terms and Community Standards.”

While marketing your cannabis business via social media can be a little more challenging, it is still a very important aspect of your promotion. Your location should have and regularly update a page on all the major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and consider if posting on Linked In could also assist in your strategy.

Social media can be a powerful, inexpensive way to market your business when utilized properly. Post content must be balanced between promotions and engaging information that is also relevant.

Social media is also a great tool for building connections. Don’t just follow people, make sure you regularly engage with industry influencers by leaving relevant comments as this is an effective method to get noticed.

Check out what your peers, partners, and competitors are doing on these platforms. You can get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t by actively following those accounts. Be aware of the advertising rules of each platform and keep your content relevant and entertaining. Try to engage your followings rather than just constantly try to sell them stuff.

Post content that will entice potential customers and customers alike to share with their followings. A deciding factor of how individual posts will perform relates to the number of engagements (every like, “heart,” share, etc.) so the more you can get your following to engage, the better your posts will perform organically.

Content Marketing

Many marijuana websites and publications are looking for quality content, and you can get the word out about your dispensary or retail location via article marketing with these sites/publications. Marketing your business via articles in magazines or websites with decent domain authority is a solid method to effective and typically less expensively.

People typically prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust. If you can position yourself as an expert in the industry, you will build your credibility, and business will come easily.

The cannabis community always welcomes high-quality information, so consider posting relevant, well-researched blogs consistently.

Participate in Community Service

An organic way to receive attention from local press is by being active in public outreach campaigns and engaging in community service in your area.

Familiarize yourself with journalists who cover the cannabis industry and reach out to them to discuss how your business is relevant within the industry.

Be an Expert

If you fully understand the science behind marijuana, all its therapeutic benefits, and how certain kinds of cannabis can better help certain ailments, your customers will know you as an expert in the industry and will not only regularly return to your store but will likely spread the word about your location to others. You should be able to explain every aspect of the products you offer and stand behind their quality.