New Silicone-Glass Water Pipes: Perfect for Flower & Concentrate Smokers

Need more unique and exciting products for your smoke shop? Look no further than Ooze. 

Our new Ooze silicone-glass water pipes are not only perfect for flower and concentrate smokers, but they are great pieces to add to your shelves.     


Your customers are looking for the latest and greatest in flower and concentrate products and Ooze is offering the next generation of unique water pipes: bubblers that both flower and concentrate smokers can use!    

All About the New Silicone-Glass Bubblers

A blue/green/white Ooze Stack, purple Trip and red/black Steamboat sit out of their packaging together on a shelf.

Make your shop the talk of the town with fun and vibrant pieces from Ooze. Our new silicone-glass bubblers have a ton of great features that your flower and concentrate customers will love.    

Product Highlights 

Our silicone-glass water pipes are packaged in nice quality boxes and are filled with bright designs that will catch your customers’ eyes and look great on your shelves. If you don’t have the shelf space, or if you prefer to hang products, you can also easily hang each of these pieces by their tag on a wall.         

All three eye-catching pieces are available in 5 different color options so your can stock up on all of your customer’s favorites. Each bubbler also comes with a quartz banger, glass bowl, and silicone stem so they can use it for both flower and concentrates -- the best part about these bubblers!              

Ooze silicone-glass bubblers are vibrant, colorful and great conversation starters to add to your inventory. Trust us, you’ll love them, and your customers will love them even more. Let’s review the Stack, Steamboat and Trip.  

1. The Ooze Stack Silicone Bubbler

All five color options of the Ooze Stack silicone-glass water pipe sit lined up on a shelf in their packaging.

The Stack features a simple, industrial-style design with two glass chambers for extra hit milking power that will make all of their sessions special.       

Available in black/red, blue/white/green, green glow, rasta, and orange/clear.

2. The Ooze Steamboat Silicone Bubbler

All five colors of the Ooze Steamboat silicone-glass water pipes sit lined up on a shelf in their packaging.

The Steamboat is a fun piece that will definitely get your customers talking. It resembles a submarine and has a lightning bolt-shaped magnet on the downstem to hold a sticky dabber off the table or a lighter -- an appealing feature they will love.

Available in black/red, pink/white, teal, green, and rasta. 

3. The Ooze Trip Silicone Bubbler

A female hand with yellow nail polish holds the green Ooze Trip silicone-glass water pipe against a black background with the Ooze logo. A banger is inserted in the Trip, and the bowl is held in her hand right next to the bubbler.

You can’t walk by and not say something about this funky piece. The Trip is super unique and designed to look like magic mushrooms. It even has a suction cup base your customers can easily keep it secure it to their table -- something all smokers worry about with their new pieces. 

Available in purple, teal, black/red, rasta, and green. 

All three of our new silicone-glass water pipes are perfect for flower and concentrate smokers who are looking for something unique to add to their collection. Durable and vibrant, each comes in a variety of colors so you can stock up on customer favorites.