Price Drop on EVERY Ooze Silicone-Glass Hybrid!

Are you ready to wow your customers this holiday season? With new price points on ALL Ooze silicone-glass hybrids, you can give your customers tons of stoner gift options to choose from this year. Now that this array of unique and fun-to-use products have new attractive prices, its super important to stock up as soon as possible. The holidays are right around the corner and these awesome hybrids won't last long!

All prices on Ooze silicone-glass hybrids are lowered just in time to stock your store for the upcoming festivities. The MSRP prices will be reflected by this price drop so, this means even faster retail sales. Below, we will dive into all the 2-in-1 and 4-in-1 hybrids available at this hot new price!  

2-in-1 Hybrids

If your customer is looking for a unique new piece that is compatible with wax and flower, we would recommend showing them the Stack, the Steamboat, and the Trip. Each hybrid comes with a quartz banger, a borosilicate glass bowl, and a heat-resistant silicone stem. Plus, they also all come in 5 vivid color options so your customers have a ton of options to choose from.   

Ooze Stack 2-in-1 Hybrid

The Ooze Stack 2-in-1 Hybrid features an industrial-style design with two glass chambers. The Stack's packaging features a front window that shows your customers exactly what comes inside. Both accessories are front and center, so it's obvious that this is a hybrid piece.

Ooze Stack Hybrid Glass Piece in Blue, Green, and White. In Box on the left and out of box on right

Ooze Steamboat 2-in-1 Hybrid

The Steamboat 2-in-1 Hybrid resembles a submarine and makes a great novelty gift. It comes packaged in a box with a large front window that reveals everything the customer will receive at a quick glance. Both the quartz banger and glass bowl are visible in the package, so there's no need to open a box for display purposes

Ooze Steamboat Hybrid Glass Piece in Green. In Box on the left and out of box on right

Ooze Trip 2-in-1 Hybrid

The Trip 2-in-1 Hybrid was inspired by magic mushrooms and features a suction cup base so your customers can keep it secure throughout their session. The Trip is packaged in a box with a huge front window that shows customers exactly what they'll receive with their purchase.

Ooze Trip Hybrid Glass Piece in Black and Red. In Box on the left and out of box on right.

Ooze Kettle 2-in-1 Hybrid

If your customer is looking for a piece that is a bit more simple, the Ooze Kettle 2-in-1 Hybrid is a classic choice. It’s a breath of fresh air for the casual smoker because it is durable, easy to clean, and can be switched between flower/wax instantly.

Ooze Kettle Hybrid Glass Piece in Teal. In Box on the left and out of box on right

4-in-1 Hybrids

If your customers are looking for more than just a bong and dab rig option, Ooze has 4-in-1 hybrids that function as a bong, dab rig, vape pen adapter, and nectar collector. Your customers will love how easily these multifaceted devices can switch between functions.   

Echo, Swerve, Ozone 4-in-1 Hybrids

The Ooze Echo, Ooze Swerve, and Ooze Ozone are a complete set that’s perfect to display in your store. We suggest spelling out Ooze to create an epic display. Your customers will love that these versatile pieces  allow them to enjoy everything they bring home from the dispensary.

Ooze Ozone, Ooze Swerve, and Ooze Echo

Mojo 4-in-1 Hybrid

If your customers seem like they need a pick-me-up, the Ooze Mojo 4-in-1 Hybrid is a game changer. It features a glass downstem with a percolator for added filtration, making it the perfect bong and dab rig combo. Plus, it's got a detachable hand pipe for an old-school vibe your customers will appreciate.

Ooze Mojo Hybrid Glass Piece in Red, Yellow, and Green. In Box on the left and out of box on right.

The NEW Hybrid Collection

You heard that right, even NEW & HOT selling hybrids from the Space Collection are on sale. Featuring three futuristic smoking pieces, the Hyborg, the Blaster, and the UFO, this collection will have your customers blasted into outer space in no time.

Ooze Hyborg 4-in-1 Hybrid

The Ooze Hyborg 4-in-1 Hybrid is ready to take on even the wildest smoke session. It has a unique 28mL storage container that your customers can use to store flower or wax right on top of its head!

Hyborg Hybrid Glass Piece in Shimmer Purple in box on left and out of box on right

Ooze Blaster 4-in-1 Hybrid

The Ooze Blaster 4-in-1 Hybrid handles flower and concentrates with ease. It comes with a glass and silicone base to give your customers the option to use the glass base so they can watch the smoke build inside the chamber or swap it out for the silicone base to create an unbreakable device.

 Ooze Blaster Hybrid in Shimmer Black in box on left and out of box on right

Ooze UFO 4-in-1 Hybrid

The Ooze UFO 4-in-1 Hybrid is perfect for any customer who has dreamed about leaving this planet behind. Shaped just like an alien spaceship, the UFO is a conversation starter, a perfect gift, and super fun to use!

The Ooze UFO 4-in-1 Hybrid in Stellar Silver. In box on the left and out of box on the right.

Every 4-in-1 Hybrid in this capsule collection comes in a spaced-out box that features a wraparound window to show off all the contents. This way, your customers will know exactly what accessories they’re getting because they can see them through the window. Plus, we include a diagram on the back for instructions.

Give your customers what they want this holiday season and stock up on Ooze Silicone Hybrids at a new low price!

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