Stay Engaged With Customers During the Lockdown

For “non-essential” smoke shops that have been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 lockdown, times are tough. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, though, it’s to look for the silver lining in every situation. If you’re not open for business, now is the perfect time to plan your promotional efforts and stay in touch with customers virtually. Followers and customers will be impressed that you’re still staying engaged and positive amidst a global crisis. Try these tips to generate buzz for the eventual comeback of your business!


Invite Them Back


Everyone is dying for the day they can confidently leave their homes and socialize. Planning a reopening party (date: TBD) is a great way to let your customers know you’ll still be around when the stay-at-home order is over and generate excitement. You can offer free swag, fun prizes or a coupon to use during the event. Along with promoting the reopening party on your social media accounts, send an open invite to your email list and ask customers to RSVP so you can have an idea of how many party favors or snacks you’ll need when the day comes.


Get Personal

A young man with a beard is filming a vlog at his desk sitting in front of his laptop. His camera is on a tripod and is in focus, he is out of focus in the background.

Successful businesses in any crisis are those that make an effort to be transparent and personal with their customers. One way to do this is to create video content that identifies you as the face of your store. It will make people feel engaged with your business, and they'll most likely recognize you when they return. Your videos can be educational, or just funny and entertaining! If you’re not comfortable getting in front of the camera, get behind the keyboard and start blogging. Creating a blog with relevant articles that appeal to your customer base is a great way to build credibility and connect personally by sharing stories and insights.


Flex Your Creativity


All this extra downtime is a great opportunity to get creative with your product marketing and ramp up your content! One way to do this is to have a mini photo-shoot in your home with your favorite products. This way, you can replace boring photos of products in their packaging with more captivating lifestyle shots. You can also create videos with how-to instructions on a unique product or just about a cool feature of a little-known product. Post the videos to social media and the respective product pages on your website.


Have a Giveaway

A young black man celebrates with his fist in the air while sitting on a couch looking at his phone.

Obviously, everyone loves free stuff, so this won’t come as a surprise. A giveaway is the easiest and cheapest way to quickly grow your social media following. Collect some products that have just never sold well for you and give them away to a number of people who have followed you, or maybe even ones that have tagged their friends in the comments. You can clear out inventory and increase your social media engagement at the same time!


Strengthening your social media presence is a great way to avoid time “off” even though your shop’s doors are closed. By doing so, you’re planting the seeds for a booming business once all this is over. Use social media to show customers you’re still there and you’re not giving up.


Along with creating promotional content, you can also use this time to plan the logistics of your business when it reopens. Check out our tips on how to quickly and successfully move excess inventory.