Stay Operational with Ooze Wholesale Essentials!

As smoke shops slowly start to reopen around the country, we want to make sure yours has all the essentials to rise above competitors. It’s not unlikely that some suppliers didn’t survive the COVID-19 crisis, or haven’t yet met their original output of products. Because of this, dispensaries and smoke depots may have trouble reopening, even when they get the green light to do so.


We know that as a crucial part of the cannabis supply chain, Ooze Wholesale had to remain operational so you could eventually reopen your store with confidence. Although we are working with a very reduced crew in our warehouse to abide by social distancing guidelines, we are still processing and fulfilling orders as usual. Along with devices and accessories, we still have the smoking essentials that have been in low supply during the lockdown!


Pop Top Vials

Four pop top vials sit grouped together on a shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom. A large green vial is in rear with the lid open, a silver is to the left, pink to the right that are both closed. A small clear vial sits in front with the lid open.

A dispensary can’t function without plastic pop top vials. With seven colors to choose from, you can match these child-resistant and smell-proof containers perfectly to your brand. Our house brand, Loud Lock Packaging, is a major manufacturer of these easy-to-use and simple containers, so you can count on us having plenty of stock.


Mylar Exit Bags

A full wall of different sizes of Mylar and Exit bags for dispensaries. Each is shown in a clear plastic stand, and they are arranged in a row on a full wall of shelves.

Also currently in high demand and low supply are Mylar bags or exit bags for prescriptions and cannabis. We offer different sizes and shapes with capacities ranging from one pre-roll to one pound. Send customers out the door with a professional, smell-proof bag for their goods and know that they’ll be back for more!


Cleaning Supplies 

A female hand holds a large bottl of Orange Chronic glass cleaner in her hand above a gray swirled finish floor.

…that aren’t rubbing alcohol! It’s about time. We offer a range of cleaning solution brands like Orange, Eyce, Resolution and Randy’s. Stock up on cleaning gel, liquid solution, wipes and pipe cleaners so your customers have all the options they could ever need. 


King Palm Products

 An XL, King and Slim King Palm dispenser display sit together in a row on a black shelf in the Ooze Wholesale showroom.

Ooze Wholesale is the spot to get all your King Palm products. As one of our most successful house brands, King Palm has taken the lead on organic palm leaf wraps and made them even more mainstream. These wraps are super easy to use and feature a natural corn husk filter for a smooth, cool hit. Buy in bulk or purchase our King Palm counter displays!


Ooze Wholesale is doing our best to stay operational so you can as well. We want to make sure you have all the essentials you need to be a successful business, post-pandemic. Although there may be a slight delay in shipping due to the overload of online orders everywhere and the prioritization of medical supplies, you can rest assured that we will get your goods delivered! So, what are the products you’ve had trouble getting your hands on? Check out our site for a wealth of accessories, devices and every smoking essential your shop needs.


Along with staying stocked and having all the materials you need to run your business, take this time to stay engaged with your customers. Check out our top tips for growing a customer base during the lockdown.