The Best Herb Grinders for Your Smoke Shop

As long as people smoke flower, there will be a need for grinders. Grinders are essential to a satisfying an efficient smoke session. Satisfying, because ground nugs burn more evenly than single nugs, and efficient because your customers’ weed supply goes a lot further when they utilize a grinder.


When it comes to grinders, stock your store with the reliable products your customers are looking for. Avoid the cheap stuff and establish yourself as the best of the best for grinder selection! Here are the must-have herb grinders to keep in your store, as well as a few of our personal favorites.


4-Piece Grinders

Three best-selling 4pc weed grinders at Cannatron. On top is a rainbow Viking Axe grinder, on the bottom left is an orange Aqua grinder, and bottom right is a gunmetal Tsunami grinder.

4-piece grinders are an industry standard for a grinder that does it all. Consisting of a lid with teeth (typically magnetic), a bottom tooth grinding layer, a collcting chamber with a mesh screen, and bottom collection chamber for the kief that falls through the screen. Kief collectors are a must-have for many in a grinder, so make sure you have a variety of these types of grinders available.

Our Tsunami Grinder and Viking Axe Grinder are durable 4-piece grinders that feature sunken lids that force ground nugs into the chamber more quickly, expediting the entire process. The Aqua Grinder is another great 4-piece grinder to have stocked with its sleek finish and variety of colors. All options are heavy and have razor sharp teeth to make grinding even large nugs effortless!


Travel Grinders


The Ooze Flow Grinder travel plastic and silicone dispensing grinder is shown in the 12ct POP display and a loose blue item.

Who doesn’t love the idea of a travel version of anything? Travel grinders are a necessity for anyone going on vacation, to a festival, on a roadtrip, or just camping. Travel grinders are typically smaller and allow for use without a rolling tray or table. Plus, smaller grinders that are marketed as “easier to use” appeal to beginners and new smokers.

The Ooze Flow grinder takes the struggle out of packing a bowl on-the-go. With a smaller capacity it’s luggage-friendly, but it holds more than you’d think! The funnel design makes grinding and packing a tidy, one-step process.

Bonus: The Flow grinder has a POP display, and the array of colors available makes creating an engaging, colorful display of these babies a breeze.


Novelty Grinders


A black plastic Ooze Grinder Tray is shown with its lid off to the side.

Novelty grinders tend to fly off the shelves simply because they’re different. Customers don’t know if they’ll ever see that particular product in another store! Novelty grinders are usually a hybrid of a grinder with another smoking necessity, like the Ooze Grinder Tray. This connects a strong plastic grinder that quickly shreds nugs, and a triangular rolling tray the grind drops down to a triangular rolling tray surface. The end point is open to directly pour the grind into a bowl or paper.

Dedicate a section or shelving unit in your store for grinders only. This is a product customers are regularly seeking out, and may pop in just in search of a specific type of grinder. Raise the chances of them finding their perfect grinder match at yours!

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