Tips to Improve Security at Your Cannabusiness

If you operate a marijuana dispensary or cannabis retail location, chances are the security aspects of your company were among the forefront of your business decisions. Some threats dispensaries and retailers face include:

Physical Theft. Dispensaries are particularly susceptible to thievery due to the cash-only nature of the industry.

Cyber Theft. Any business that stores consumer information - especially medical in nature - are also vulnerable to theft in the form of a cyber-attack.

Employee Theft. Unfortunately, research shows that your employees are your biggest risk.

The following are tips to ensure security at your cannabusiness is the best it can be.

Security Procedures & Training

Due to the potential threats associated with employee theft, it is imperative to have clear hiring procedures, training, and security procedures in place.

Each employee you hire should be vetted thoroughly with an in-depth interview process and a background check. Once brought on board, they should be properly trained on all security procedures, from how to handle product to how to keep security information safe.

In an industry that is growing at such a rapid pace, staying on top of employee training and development is a necessity. Investing in your employee’s learning and development will result in them taking better care of your business. Those working for you should be well versed in all safety procedures and know how to detect and respond to any potential threats.

Internal Theft Prevention

Employees who are treated well tend to reciprocate that to their employers. Set clear expectations for your employees in terms of the way cash and product is tracked and be transparent about the systems you use to do so.

Employees should not be allowed to sell product to themselves, and any discounts (if provided) should be clearly communicated and abided by.

Managing Inventory

Inventory checks should be conducted regularly throughout the day and between shift changes to assist in early detection of smaller thefts – at least twice a day.

Limit your readily accessible merchandise. Your business is less of a target when you only have enough cash and product on hand to handle your immediate needs. Additional assets can be stored offsite or within a validated vault.

Security Presence

It is important to find a balance between making your customers feel welcome while maintaining a zero-tolerance position on any perceived threats to the retail location, its staff, or any other customers of that location.

Ensure your point-of-entry security staff maintains a positive consumer experience whenever possible. Many marijuana businesses have their security staff wear clothes that mimic the rest of their store employees.

Working with a professional provider of security services can take a lot of this burden off you as a business owner. This can also assure you’re working with highly trained, properly certified security guards.

Monitoring Systems

Regulations require medical marijuana dispensaries provide full video surveillance of their premises. A closed-circuit tv monitoring system and intruder detection alarms are a must for your marijuana retail location. The interior and exterior of your business should be monitored 24/7.

Dispensaries and cannabis retailers also need to make sure their servers are secure, and that all their customer’s personal and financial information is properly protected. Ransomware attacks can cost a company thousands of dollars, and the damage done can be irreparable.