Tobacco Blunt Wraps are Out, Hemp Wraps Are In

Tobacco products in general have waned in popularity over the last few years, and 2022 continues to see a decrease in demand across most demographic groups.

While there will always be customers loyal to products like White Owls, Backwoods and other tobacco-based products, many customers nowadays are open-minded and willing to give new brands a try. One of the new trends that’s converting many tobacco blunt wrap customers is hemp wraps. Even many tobacco brands are coming out with hemp wraps to satisfy the new wave of blunt smokers!


Benefits of Hemp Wraps

Many have switched to vaping tobacco products altogether, but some still prefer lighting up and taking a puff from a blunt. In this case, hemp wraps are a perfect alternative for someone who’s looking for a healthier, non-addictive option, or just looking to cut down on tobacco products.


Not only are hemp wraps easier on the lungs, they can be just as flavorful, if not more, as tobacco wraps. Since they inherently lack the strong flavor and scent of tobacco, hemp wraps’ flavors will be much more noticeable and really stand out. Plus, flavored tobacco wraps have been banned by the FDA, so flavored hemp wraps are the perfect alternative for the customers who really miss their flavored tobacco blunt wraps! 


Finally, if you’re thinking “this sounds expensive,” hemp blunt wraps tend to be a bit cheaper, especially when buying wholesale, than the tobacco alternatives. If you ask me, that’s reason enough to give it a shot and see what your customers think!


Types of Hemp Wraps

Three King Palm flavored pre-roll Mini cones are shown: Suga Punch, Pine Drip, and Lemon Haze.

We carry hemp blunt wraps from a variety of brands that were designed to mimic the experience tobacco lovers are looking for. They burn slowly, create thick, flavorful smoke, and still feel like smoking a blunt. Most of these come in 2-pack resealable pouches. Here are a few of our (and our customers’) favorites!

Four POP displays of the King Palm flavored Hemp Wraps are shown: Banana Blast, Golden Mango, Cherry Bomb, and Crown Cookies


King Palm is the pioneer of tobacco-free blunt wraps, so naturally they are our bread and butter. They are constantly coming out with new flavors of hemp wraps that customer are obsessed with. As soon as a new flavor drops, it sells out immediately. We are so excited to also announce that they have recently launched a line of actual hemp wraps! These are the first King Palm products that customers roll up themselves, rather than packing a pre-roll, which provides that classic experience of rolling a blunt.

Four POP displays of Packwraps by Packwoods and Twisted Hemp are shown: Natural, Juicy Mango, Sweet, and Gushing Grape.

Packwraps is a new line from Packwoods and Twisted Hemp. They're inspired by Backwoods and are a hemp-based wood wrap. One package of these even includes a patent-pending blunt roller tool and glass filter tip for an elevated smoke. There are six luscious flavors to keep stocked in your store, like Strawberry Vanilla and Banana Cream.

Four POP displays of Crop Kingz self-sealing flavored hemp wraps are shown: Thug Passion, Brass Monkey, Sizzurp, and Jungle Juice.

Crop Kingz is another new brand addition. Their blunt wraps have a self-sealing glue strip, so there’s no licking involved. A more hygienic smoke for everyone in the rotation!


Hemp wraps give your customers the option of enjoying a blunt (or two) without the harsh hits and harmful tobacco. Check out all our options available for bulk ordering!

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