Top Questions To Ask First-Time Cannabis Customers

When operating a cannabis dispensary or marijuana retail location, both exceptional and memorable customer service is imperative to be successful. The budtenders and staff you hire need to be knowledgeable and personable in order to create trust with your customers.

As more US states are legalizing marijuana both medically and recreationally, more people are considering trying cannabis for the first time or consuming it more frequently. Accompanied by new customers comes chances for dispensaries to increase their customer base, become more involved in their community, and educate about cannabis use.

Consider that a customer walking through your door for the first time could also be walking into a dispensary for the very first time, and the last thing you want to do is made them feel intimidated or left out. Ensure to adapt your approach and marketing to also fit the needs of those new to the cannabis world.

The following are some topics of conversation your employees can explore to properly advise your customers.

Do you have prior experience with cannabis?

Everyone has different levels of understanding when it comes to consuming cannabis. Whether they are older and haven’t smoked since they were much younger, or perhaps not ever smoked at all – it is always best to recommend lighter products and strains in order to ease them into or back into consuming. Also important is that your budtenders and staff are properly explaining the best methods to consume, directions on dosing, and how to store their purchased product.

What kind of effects are you hoping for?

Whether for pain relief or psychoactive effects, budtenders can only be truly successful in recommending a product by understanding their reasoning behind doing so.

If the consumer is hoping for pain relief, any products with high CBD levels could be recommended. If psychoactive effects are what they seek, your budtenders should be able to direct first-time consumers to products that can achieve that without being too severe.

When is your optimal time to consume?

Your sales staff can benefit from knowing what time of the day your customers prefer to smoke or otherwise consume. If they prefer to medicate after work to relax or prior to sleeping to get a good night’s sleep, an indica-based product would be ideal. Those who usually wake up early could consider micro dosing or utilizing sativa strains.

What medical ailments are you hoping to treat?

The more your staff knows about the range of different conditions and symptoms that cannabis can assist in treating or relieving, the better they can be at suggesting the proper strains and products that will serve your customer most precisely.