Winter is Long AF– Keep Indoor Smoking Essentials on Deck

Most of the country still has a couple months before temperatures start to warm up enough for outdoor smoking sessions to be enjoyable again. With winter dragging on and no clear end in sight, customers are beginning to turn to indoor smoking essentials. Not everyone has the luxury of living alone or with roommates who are cool with smoking inside– and no one wants to have to brave the tundra just to smoke a bowl. Products that minimize odor and make smoking cleaner and more convenient are always a hit in the long winter months, so below are the top indoor smoking essentials to have on deck. 

 A white female hand holds a bottle of Purple Haze smoke removing spray in her hand in front of a full display of the products on a black shelf.

Smoke Reducers

Keep smoke reducers like the Smoke Buddy, which magically removes smoke and odor when exhaling into it, and air fresheners right by the cash register. Upon seeing these at checkout, your customer will immediately be reminded of their parent or roommate who doesn’t like them smoking inside. They might even have a flashback to shivering in the cold while lighting up, and they’ll have to grab a Smoke Buddy to add to their purchase. 

A female hand holds the Rio electric all-in-one dab rig above a gray and silver background. The Rio has a black, white, blue and pink color mix. 

Dab Rigs and Tools

You already know that there’s a huge tribe of dabbers who are loyal to the rig and shatter no matter what season it is. This time of year, though, even the flower connoisseurs tend to go for materials that are less aromatic than their bud since it’s not easy (or pleasant) to air out the room every time they want to take a hit. Put dab rigs and tools out front and center to remind customers that wax is much better suited for indoor use.

 A female holds the Ooze Dab Depot silicone rolling tray and storage system in its original packaging.

Storage Systems

During the winter when we’re cooped up inside, it’s nice to have a clean and organized smoking set up. Storage kits like the Dab Depot are popular this time of year because there’s much less of a need to haul paraphernalia from one place to another. We’re staying put inside, so the smoking setup should, too. The Dab Depot contains an easy-to-clean silicone tray with compartments for different tools, metal rolling tray and dab mat.

 The green Ooze Cryo Glycerin glass bowl is in it's original packaging, sitting in a pile of snow against a rock.

Cryo Bowls

One of the best things about winter, one could argue, is the Cryo Glycerin Glass Bowls. Not only are they bright and colorful, perfect for uplifting your customers in the dead of winter, but they’re also filled with glycerin, which freezes. Show your customers that they can actually take advantage of the snow by sticking the pipe right in it. After a minute or two, the pipe will be icy cold and will provide the smoothest hit. There’s nothing like a fun product or demonstration to brighten up a dreary winter day!


When warm weather and outdoor smoking sessions still feel so far away, patients and customers start to look for alternatives to smoking outside. Make sure you stay stocked up on indoor smoking essentials for the rest of the winter so your customers can stay both warm AND stoned.  


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