King Palm Flavored Mini Rolls 5pk Pouch 15ct Counter Display - Pine Drip - Pine Drip
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King Palm flavored Mini rolls hold up to 1g of flower and are the ideal product for any customer looking for a tasty, tobacco-free wrap option! Each pouch includes five rolls with flavor-infused filter tips plus a packing stick for precise preparation. Pine Drip is delicious, fan-favorite flavor, and the Mini size is the most popular size! This 15ct display is sure to be a hit because it gives customers more, 3 more rolls to be exact, of what they love.

  • PINE DRIP | Each pouch includes 5 Mini size rolls that hold up to 1g of flower each. All rolls have a Pine Drip filter tip for a sweet and refreshing pineapple addition to the flavor of the strain.
  • SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE | Each flavored filter tip has a terpene-infused flavor pearl inside. Squeeze the filter to pop the ball and activate the flavor. The filter will remain unflavored if you choose not to pop the pearl.
  • TOBACCO-FREE | King Palm pre-rolls are made from the leaves of the Cordia tree. Each roll is 100% tobacco-free, biodegradable, and all-natural. The corn husk filters are non-GMO and contain only all-natural essential oils, no additives or chemicals.
  • PACK IT | Each pouch includes a packing stick to help properly pack the roll with flower. We recommend using a chunky grind for the ideal burn.
  • 15CT DISPLAY | Each counter display includes 15 individual pouches. Each pouch includes 5 Mini size rolls and 5 Pine Drip terpene-infused filter tips.

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