Pulsar is a pioneer in the vaping industry that designs quality products for modern-day smokers to enjoy. They’ve changed the way customers smoke with products like the Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig, a portable dab rig with preset temperature settings.

Pulsar is a close-knit team of passionate vaping and smoking enthusiasts. Their team knows what products and accessories smokers want because they are a part of the vaping community! That’s why the Pulsar Electric Dab Rig comes with many accessories and replacement parts like carb caps. Your customers will love the customization that Pulsar offers!

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Pulsar RoK Electric Oil Rig
Pulsar Rok Electric Oil Rig Rig
Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig - Neptune
Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig - The Alchemist
Pulsar RoK Carb Cap Replacement - 29mm
Pulsar Rok Carb Cap Replacement - 29Mm Rig
Pulsar RoK Dry Herb Ceramic Coil - 5ct
Pulsar Rok Dry Herb Ceramic Coil - 5Ct Rig
Pulsar RöK Glass Downstem Replacement
Pulsar Rök Glass Downstem Replacement Rig
Pulsar RoK Herb Carb Cap Replacement - 32mm
Pulsar Rok Herb Carb Cap Replacement - 32Mm Rig
Pulsar RoK Silicone Collar - 2ct
Pulsar Rok Silicone Collar - 2Ct Rig
Pulsar RoK Air Path Tube - 2ct
Pulsar Rok Air Path Tube - 2Ct Rig