RAW creates rolling papers and RAW cones without GMO’s, bleach, burning additives or chalks and dyes. Instead, RAW rolling papers are made with organic Acacia gum, a sustainably harvested tree resin. In addition to kingsize papers and pre rolled cones, RAW makes other products your customers will like such as RAW rolling trays, RAW pre rolled tips, and RAW clipper lighter displays.

RAW wants customers to experience the full flavor of their smoke without masking it with artificial flavors and harsh additives. The RAW smoking experience is vegan friendly, and their hemp papers are designed with criss-cross watermark for smooth burning. Your customers are sure to love a fully stocked selection of RAW products!


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RAW x Rolling Papers Crossbody Fanny Pack Sling Bag
RAW Bamboo 1 ¼ Size Six Shooter Cone Filler
Raw Organic BLACK 1 1/4 - 24ct
RAW Black Organic Hemp King Size Slim Rolling Paper Counter Display – 50ct
RAW Phatty 125mm Clear Extra Large Rolling Paper Machine Counter Display – 6ct
RAW X Boo Johnson Skate Deck Metal Rolling Tray
RAW French Fries Rectangular Rolling Tray
RAW Metallic Silver Rolling Tray
RAW Artist Series Ghost Shrimp 3 Large Metal Rolling Tray
RAW Black Metal Large Rolling Tray
RAW Camo Pattern Metal Large Rolling Tray
RAW Rawsta Pattern Metal Large Rolling Tray
RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch with 5 Odor-Blocking Layers
RAW Reserva Airtight Stash Jar and Cone Filler Necklace
RAW Handsfree Joint and Blunt Holder and Ashtray Neckpiece for Smoking
RAW Classic Black King Size Bulk Cones Box - 1400ct