Truweigh is dedicated to bringing reliable and trustworthy products to the mini-scale market. With a mission to create quality scales with fairness, precision, and respect, Truweigh has expanded their product line extensively over the years. With quality Truweigh scales like the Truweigh digital scale, balance scale, and milligram scale, it's easy to see why they have dominated the weighing scale market.

Plus, Truweigh offers individual calibration weights that will help you calibrate your scale with ease. They also have handy weight kits that can help you calibrating a range of different scales or reaching a more unusual capacity weight. Your customers will love the full-circle approach Truweigh brings to the table!


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Truweigh Shine Digital Mini Scale – 100g x 0.01g
Truweigh Omni Scale
Truweigh Riot Scale - 100g x 0.01g
Truweigh 710-Pro Concentrate Kit - 100g x 0.01g - Black
Truweigh Blaze Scale - 600g x 0.1g - Black - 12ct
Truweigh General Compact Bench Scale
Truweigh APEX Digital Mini Scale
Truweigh LUX Digital Scale - 1000g x 0.1g - Black
Calibration Weight Kit / 6 Pc (Black)
Truweigh Note Digital Mini Scale 100G X 0.01G - Black
Truweigh Xeno Digital Milligram Scale 20G X 0.001g - Black
Truweigh Marine IP65 Rated Washdown Miniscale - 100g x 0.01g / Black
Truweigh Echo Scale - 50g x 0.001g - Black
Truweigh Element DIY E-Liquid Scale - 500g x 0.01g - Black
Calibration Weight Kit / 16 Pc (Red)
Truweigh Marksman Digital Reloading Scale - 100g x 0.005g - Black