Why Join Us & Own the Shelf?

The Cannatron Power Team is constantly seeking out products that have the potential to truly own the shelf. Let us do the legwork for you! We consistently deliver category-killing brands and products that we are confident in their ability to earn their shelf space across the entire value chain. We are backed by a passionate team of cannabis professionals who have a deep love and understanding of all things cannabis.


We are dedicated to making sure that every touchpoint of your Cannatron experience is a positive one. It is our ultimate goal to set you up for success. From your first log in, we hope it is evident that you are doing business with a team that truly cares. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving, and as we continue to learn and discover, we are committed to sharing that knowledge with our partners.


The Cannatron Power team is fueled by customer satisfaction. We are not doing our jobs if at any point in your Cannatron journey, you feel unsupported or unsure of how to take your business to the next level. We go to great lengths to ensure that our Team members are people who truly care and will go to any length to achieve that satisfaction.


Cannatron is so much more than just a place to click and buy products. Let us show you the best way to merchandise your products, give you pro tips on how to use the devices you purchase, and suggest additional, complementary items based on your order that will encourage higher purchase amounts from your customers. Consider Cannatron your hub for finding the newest products and learning how to sell them effectively.

Media Content

When you purchase from Cannatron, you are buying more than just physical products. We will set you up with digital assets, sales sheets, and best practices to really help you drive home sales. This content will help to highlight products in your online store and educate your customers when they walk into your brick and mortar locations.

Exclusive Deals on New Products

The Cannatron Power Team is constantly on the hunt for the next category-killing brand! We regularly update our New Arrivals section with the latest and greatest from across the industry, and we are the only place you can purchase our House Brands. We are committed to making sure our customers always get a great deal on products that will carry their store to success.

Join Us. Own the Shelf.