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Ash and put out joints, blunts, cones, and rolls in style and luxury with the King Palm Bermuda Gold Ashtray! This shiny gold ashtray looks just as high-quality as it feels. The triangular shape features a hole up top to snuff out your roll, and there are two grooves in the other corners to hold a cherried joint. The center has an engraved scene of the Kraken attacking a ship in the Bermuda Triangle. Each cardboard POP display includes 6 individually packaged ashtrays.

  • ASHTRAY | King Palm is known for quality products, and their accessories like these ashtrays are no different. These high-class pieces improve the atmosphere of any smoke spot.
  • BERMUDA | These ashtrays have an ornate design with engraved art on the front that shows the Kraken attacking a ship. The back is engraved with the phrase “Navigate as the first voyagers and accept the challenges of the unknown. Make the natural choice and it will lead you past the Kraken of your Bermuda Triangle.”
  • GOLD | This King Palm ashtray is an elegant piece that really makes a statement. It is all gold with a removable shiny gold rim that has decorative embellishments and a snuff chamber. It can be taken off to dump and clean the piece.
  • TRIANGLE | Each ashtray a triangular shape that resembles a planchette. This piece creates an atmosphere of sophistication wherever it is placed, and looks great on its own displayed on a coffee table.
  • 6CT DISPLAY | King Palm makes it easy to create engaging merchandising displays with their strong, cohesive cardboard POP display boxes. This metallic gold display includes 6 individually boxed ashtrays.

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