Ooze Shatter Resistant Glass Tray - Small - 10 Pack Bundle - Default Title
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Earn 10 FREE Glass Rolling Trays for Every $1,000 Spent! The more you spend on your order, the more free small Ooze shatter-resistant glass rolling trays you’ll get! All you need to do to earn these free products is add these 10-tray bundles to your cart and enter your discount code from the chart in the photo gallery. Once your full order is in your shopping cart, check how much your total is. You’ll earn 1 10-tray bundle for every $1,000 spent, so if you spend $5,000, you will add 5 of these bundles to your cart. Once you have all your trays added, check the chart below to find your discount code. Your code will be found in the row that corresponds with your pricing tier. Enter this discount code as you’re checking out, and the trays are free! Please reach out to your sales rep or our support team if you have any questions about redeeming this promotion.
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