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Looking beyond just standard packs of rolling papers, Zig Zag has expanded into pre-rolled cones, too. This means that dispensaries now have the option to produce their pre-rolls using top-quality Zig Zag cones! These bulk boxes include 900 individual pre-rolled cones that are ready to be packed with flower and twisted shut. They are stacked 9 cones high in neat towers inside the box, for a very compact and organized package that makes getting them into a filling machine quick and easy. Pre-rolled cones are a more accessible and less messy way to smoke than rolling papers; no real skill is needed here, just pack it with bud and twist the end shut. The unbleached paper is made from a supremely fine blend of natural fibers that deliver a slow, even burn every single time. Pre-rolls are a popular dispensary product because of they require no extra set up from the customer, just light it up. These are also great for customers who don’t know how to roll themselves. No one should ever have to smoke a poorly-rolled joint, especially when they’re enjoying a Zig Zag!
  • UNBLEACHED | Zig Zag 1 ¼ size unbleached cones are made of a supremely fine blend of natural fibers woven into a signature crisscross pattern. This blend ensures a slow, even burn with every pre-rolled cone.
  • 1 ¼ SIZE | Pre-rolled cones for enjoying alone or passing around the circle! The 1 ¼ size unbleached cones are the smallest size option of Zig Zag’s pre-rolls. They can have a capacity of roughly 0.75g of a chunky grind of flower.
  • SAVE TIME | Bulk cones are a quick and easy way to pack dispensary pre-rolls. These are neatly stacked 9-high inside a compact package for easy loading into the filling machine. Simply insert, pack with flower, and twist the end to close. These require no skill to assemble unlike rolling a joint and are also more hygienic because there is no need to lick to seal it shut.
  • LEGACY | Zig Zag is a household name in the smoking industry and have been manufacturing their premium products for over 140 years. Your customers already know and love Zig Zag, so why not give them more options of one of their favorite brands?
  • 900CT BULK | Each Zig Zag 1 ¼ Size Unbleached Bulk box includes 900 individual pre-rolled cones. This is a great option for dispensaries and processors. Surprise your customers by presenting them with pre-rolls using their favorite paper brand!
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