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  • Masters of their craft, Zig Zag is the go-to rolling paper brand for joint smokers worldwide. These are the products that plenty of customers are in search of when they come to your store. These packs of rolling papers are small and compact, and their affordability makes them a no-brainer up-sell opportunity for just about every sale. These are one of those products where everyone can always use an extra, a replacement, or a backup to keep in their bag, car, or desk at home. Having a pack of Zig Zags on them is as standard as having their phone, keys and wallet for a lot of stoners! The Ultra Thin Zig Zag Rolling Papers are packed in silver holographic booklets featuring the iconic Zig Zag Man, and some of the most popular Zig Zag papers available! Set this Promo Display right up by the register so customers can reach right in to help themselves to a pack before they check out. Made from natural flax plant fibers, these Ultra Thin papers provide a consistent seal, a slow burn, and will never impact the taste of the smoke. These are 1 ¼ size papers that measure 78mm x 44mm. Like all Zig Zags, these have a thin glue line derived from sap from the African acacia tree that creates the perfect seal every time. Each booklet includes 32 papers, and each promo display includes 48 booklets.
  • ULTRA THIN | The Ultra Thin Zig Zag rolling papers some of the most popular Zig Zag papers available! Made of natural flax plant fibers, they feature a 100% natural gum Arabic glue line for the perfect seal. These papers provide a clean, slow burn every time without impacting the taste of the smoke.
  • 1 ¼ SIZE | 1 ¼ Size Ultra Thin papers measure 78mm x 44mm. These are the second smallest paper size available, and are great for solo sessions.
  • LEGACY | Zig Zag is a household name in the smoking industry and have been manufacturing their premium products for over 140 years. Your customers already know and love Zig Zag, so why not give them more options of one of their favorite brands?
  • PROMO DISPLAY | The bulk box of Ultra Thin 1 ¼ Size papers is a promo display. Set it next to your register and open the front flap. Customers can reach in and help themselves to a pack or two, and seeing them right as they’re checking out makes this a super easy up-sell opportunity.
  • 48CT BOX | Each promo display includes 48 booklets of papers. Each booklet is packed with 32 individual papers that are layered in Zig Zag’s signature interleaving process that auto-dispenses the next paper as one is pulled from the book.
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