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RAW’s goal is to make the world’s best rolling papers, and they have done a great job at turning their brand into a household name. RAW papers and cones are unbleached and unrefined for a delicious smoke. Each sheet is made of natural plant fibers, pressure watermarked with their proprietary criss-cross imprint that prevents canoeing and makes sure the burn is as smooth as can be. Sometimes a kingsize cone just won’t cut it, and something that can fit even more flower inside is needed. The RAW Peacemaker cone is roughly 30% bigger than the King size cone and is 140mm long. Each cone has a capacity of up to 2.25g of material, making it a great option for parties or just passing around the circle. Cones are a faster, easier way to prepare a smoke session. Save time by simply packing with flower instead of rolling up. The bulk box of Peacemaker cones is a great way for a dispensary or processor to produce plenty of extra large pre-rolls. Packed with 468 total cones, these can easily be loaded into a cone filling machine to expedite the process. The Peacemaker cone is the perfect size for heavy smokers with a high tolerance. These cones are also great options for dispensaries because of the quality of the paper, they won’t run, so the customer can put their joint out and relight it at a later time.

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