The Cali by Vibes – Vibes Ultra Thin Paper 2g Cone 3-Pack Counter Display – 8ct - Default Title
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When good vibes, are key, Vibes Ultra Thin Cones are always a solid choice. The Cali cones are made in the signature rolling style of the entrepreneur and rapper Berner. These are cylindrical tube pre-rolls that have a wide, consistent circumference. They have incredible airflow, comfortable pulls, and a deliver a big-smoke experience. Single boxes have 3 cones each, and display have 8 boxes.

  • THE CALI | The Cali by Vibes is an intimate pre-roll made in the signature rolling style of rapper and entrepreneur Berner. They have a straight, cylindrical shape with a wide circumference. These cones have a 2g capacity.
  • ULTRA THIN | Vibes Ultra Thin paper is the thinnest paper option Vibes offers. This paper gives off no “paper smoke” that can overpower the natural taste of the flower, which is key with larger joints like the Cali.
  • VIBES TIPS | Vibes Tips are an essential part of a Vibes joint. The Cali pre-rolls have been expertly rolled with special tips that provide stability to this unique shape while catching any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled.
  • SLOW BURN | Nothing kills the vibe like a joint that burns way too fast and canoes. The Cali by Vibes ultra thin cones have amazing airflow and give big, comfortable pulls.
  • 8CT DISPLAY | Each The Cali by Vibes Ultra Thin display includes 8 individual boxes in a black display box. Each box contains 3 pre-rolled cones and 3 built-in filter tips.

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