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Blazy Susan shorty cones are the perfect fix whenever a smoke break is needed. These are natural papers with a natural pink dye to give them their signature hue. Vegans can smoke with peace of mind because these cones have a vegan sealant. They’re incredibly thin which provides a smooth, even burn that takes its time to burn down to the filter. This 50ct tub is small and compact, so it can be tossed in a purse or kept in a smoker’s tool kit. These shorty cones are short; about half as long as a standard cone. This means they fit about half a gram of flower. It’s the perfect size for a solo smoke session. Each cone includes its own pink packing stick that also helps the cone keep its shape before it gets packed.

  • BLAZY SUSAN | Add some color to the session with Blazy Susan pre-rolled cones. This is a trusted brand of quality rolling papers and cones that customers are already on the hunt for.
  • SHORTY | The Shorty size is just 53mm, which is about half the size of a regular joint. That means it fits half the weed, making it great for a quick smoke break or for handing out to people.
  • PINK | These are natural, non-GMO, vegan, naturally-dyed pink cones. Each one has a matching pink Blazy Susan-branded filter tip built right in.
  • 50CT TUB | This is a lightweight, clear plastic tub that comes packed with 50 individual cones. They are stacked a few high, and have packing sticks to help evenly distribute the weed while packing and to help keep the cone shape during storage.
  • DISPLAY | This 50ct tub is super easy to display. It’s compact, shows the cones that are inside, and unlike a POP display, can be set just about anywhere on a shelf. Put a tub near grinders, lighters, rolling trays, or any other products that make sense to sell with cones.
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