Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship Hammer Bubbler – Yellow - Default Title
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Blast off for a cosmic journey in the stars with the Lightship! The Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship bubbler has been approved and blessed by the Dogg father himself, and features Snoop’s signature down the mouthpiece. This is a handblown piece made from strong borosilicate glass that features a sleek, futuristic design. Standing 4.3” tall, the Lightship has a clear glass water chamber base with yellow-gold glass forming the mouthpiece, downstem and base of the flower bowl. A white Pounds logo is printed on the front of the water chamber. This hammer-style water bubbler is incredibly comfortable to hold in your hand, as its been designed to rest at the perfect angles. The water chamber has an angled base that can stand straight up when also resting on the flat end of the mouthpiece. To use the Lightship, fill the chamber with water until the percolator holes on the downstem are covered. This should ensure the perfect amount of filtration without ever getting splashed. Pack the bowl with flower, light it and enjoy. The carb hole is on the left side, and the mouthpiece is flattened for a smoother inhale that doesn’t shoot a big blast of hot smoke right into your throat.

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