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This pipe was made to party! The Afterglow Pipe by Cabana Cannabis Co. is a big, sturdy hand pipe that everyone’s going to want to take a puff of. A spoon pipe is a classic design that is so simple to pack up and use. This pipe is 5” long and has a large, round bowl that you can firmly grasp in your palm. The mouthpiece end is wider than the standard bowl and gives the lips plenty of surface area. The Afterglow pipe has a minimal, trendy design and displays the Cabana logo front and center. A red and yellow triangle design is printed very end of the bowl over an image of a blue palm leaf. The straight, uniform mouthpiece has plenty of room inside to really milk the hit and deliver huge clouds with each rip. The bowl features a left-side carb hole and plenty of space for flower. This party bowl was meant to be passed around the circle, so it doesn’t need to be constantly refilled.

  • AFTERGLOW | This pipe was designed to put the fun in functional! Take the Cabana Cannabis Co. Afterglow pipe to the beach, the nightclub, the afterparty, or all of the above. There’s never a dull moment when this piece comes around.
  • WHITE | This pipe is made of opaque white borosilicate glass. It features the Cabana Cannabis Co. logo down the mouthpiece. The end of the bowl has a trendy triangular design overlaying a blue palm leaf. It’s subtle but still makes a statement.
  • SPOON | The spoon pipe is a classic silhouette, and a smoking accessory just about everyone knows how to use. It is 5” long and 133mm, with a straight mouthpiece, deep flower bowl, and a left-side carb hole.
  • TRAVEL BAG | While designed to bring the fun, glass is still a delicate material. Each Afterglow pipe includes a satin drawstring pouch so you can safely tote your piece around while you hit the town. It also features a cool triangle pattern on one side, and plain aqua on the back.
  • IN-STORE | Create a cool display area for your Cabana Cannabis Co. products! Each is packaged in a custom-designed box to attract attention even before the box is opened. The Afterglow pipe has been thoughtfully designed from start to finish.

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