Philips Rx 60 Dram Child Resistant Pop Top Plastic Vials – 75ct Bulk - Bubblegum
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Philips Rx is the original child resistant pop top vial! These plastic storage containers are certified and complaint with safety protocols and standards. These 60 dram bottles hold up to 14g of product. The gold opaque plastic is moisture resistant and blocks UV light to keep contents fresh. These vials are easy to use, senior friendly, cost effective, and a popular storage option for dispensaries and processors.

  • PHILIPS RX | Philips Rx is the original brand of child safe pop top vials. They are incredibly cost effective, easy to use, compliant with protocols and standards, and senior friendly.

  • 60 DRAM | The 60 dram vial size holds up to 14g of dry herb product. The gold opaque plastic blocks sunlight and UV rays, and prevents moisture from accumulating inside the bottle.

  • STORAGE | The airtight seal keeps contents fresh while stored inside. Place contents inside and press the lid firmly to lock it shut. Ideal for storing flower, they can also be used for food storage, organization, or craft and jewelry supplies.

  • CHILD SAFE | These vials have a signature squeeze to open lid that prevents children from accessing the contents in the vial. They are compliant with the CPSC protocol, and fulfills the requirements of the Poison Prevention Act.

  • 75CT BULK | This bulk pack includes 75 individual pop top vials. This is an affordable option for dispensaries, growers, or processors looking to store specific dosages.

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