White Rhino Carb-It Silicone 3-in-1 Carb Cap Kit Glow-in-the-Dark Tie Dye Counter Display – 35ct - Default Title
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A carb cap can truly make or break the entire dabbing experience, yet it is still such an underrated accessory. Once the banger is hot and ready to go, load the dab in and drop the carb cap on top of the banger. This will ensure that all that precious vapor gets directed through the dab rig, and not up and out into the air, being wasted. Most traditional carb caps are made of glass, which can be chipped or shattered. The Carb-It is a fully-silicone piece that is super heat-resistant and virtually unbreakable. This carb cap can transform into all of the 3 most popular carb cap styles. The bubble cap is the most basic version, and can’t spin terp pearls or direct airflow too much. It simply helps create the vacuum inside the banger. The directional carb cap allows for more airflow direction around the banger with the short, open tube the extends from the bottom. Last is the spinner style, which has multiple airflow channels that twist the air into a vortex, which does a great job vaporizing all of the oil and can make terp pearl spin around the banger.

  • CARB-IT | The White Rhino Carb-It is a modular, silicone carb cap system that allows you to switch between cap designs easily. This is an unbreakable, extremely heat-resistant accessory that is compatible with most dab rigs. It includes a common top cap and three interchangeable bottom pieces.
  • DIRECTIONAL | The directional carb cap features a flat rim and an angled tip extending from the bottom. This cap is designed to be swirled around during the dab, directing the airflow around the entire banger.
  • BUBBLE | The bubble carb cap is the most basic carb cap shape. It features a round, or bubble bottom cap that rests inside the inner rim of the banger. A short tube extends from the bottom. The top piece has a large air hole that is covered by a finger for complete control over the airflow.
  • SPINNER | The spinner carb cap also has a bubble-shaped rim and rests inside the inner rim of the banger. Instead of an open hole extending from the tube on the bottom, it is covered with small air holes all around the sides. These holes are grooves in the tube that create a vortex with the inhale, swirling around the entire banger to vaporizer all the concentrate.
  • 35CT DISPLAY | Each Carb-It kit includes 4 silicone pieces. There are 7 different glow-in-the-dark tie dye colorways to choose from. Each compact counter display includes 35 individual kits. Display these next to your dab rigs and dabbing accessories for an easy up-sell.
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