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Paper filter tips are a common way to put a little barrier in between the smoker’s lips and what they’re smoking, but a glass filter tip takes it to a whole new level. Not only does it just feel cleaner, but it can be reused again and again, and isn’t as disposable as a paper tip. The glass tip provides a more direct hit from the flame to the inhale. These are slightly wider than average size with 11mm diameter. These are similar to the width of a typical paper filter tip but will work with both joints and blunts. Consider adding a glass tip to any premium pre-rolled products! There’s no better way to set the best of the best apart from the average products than giving it a classy glass tip that not only performs better, but also looks like a top shelf product. The amber glass look especially good with blunt wraps and natural brown papers. This tray includes 175 pieces, and can be used in pre-rolled cones, or sold in bundle packs or as separate accessories.

  • GLASS TIP | Using a glass tip in place of a paper filter is an easy way to elevate the smoking experience. The tip gives a clean taste while catching any crumbs that might be inhaled.
  • 11MM | These are slightly wider than an average glass tip size, and around the same size as standard joint filters. They have a 11mm diameter, which is great for rolling big joints and blunts. The amber glass looks cool with blunt wraps and brown papers.
  • TWO POKES | The 2 pokes style glass tip is a very simple design. It is a short, straight glass tube that has a poke mark on either side. These two little glass points inside the tube act as the filter that prevents debris from being inhaled.
  • BULK TRAY | This is a bulk tray of glass tips that contains 175 individual pieces. This can be used in dispensaries or by processors for pre-rolled products, or in smoke shops for customers to add a tip to whatever they roll up themselves.
  • PREMIUM | A glass tip makes any joint, blunt, or cone feel premium. Dispensaries and processors can use them for their best, premium products to give them not only a classier look, but a better overall experience.
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