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The Stash Air by Ugly House is a 9oz glass jar that expertly stores cannabis flower. The glass jar is a bit narrower than the standard Mason Jar, which feels more comfortable to hold. A food-grade silicone sleeve covers the glass, adding a layer of durability and protection from UV light. The aluminum lid has a rubber component that vacuum seals the jar shut when attached. Simply press it down to create a child-resistant, smell proof seal. The Ugly House Stash Air is an aesthetically pleasing stash jar that makes it easier than ever to safely store cannabis products.

  • STASH AIR | The Stash Air is a 9oz glass jar that expertly stores cannabis flower. It is 5” tall and a bit narrower than a standard Mason Jar, making it more comfortable to hold.
  • GREEN | The Green Stash Air is a deep teal green jewel tone. The silicone has a matte finish, while the aluminum lid has a metallic, slightly lighter green finish. There is about a ¼” gap between the silicone sleeve and the lid.
  • VACUUM SEAL | The Stash Air features an aluminum lid that has a rubber component around the rim. This creates a vacuum seal when pushed down onto the jar, keeping the contents at an ideal, consistent humidity level. It requires a hard pull to open, making it child-resistant.
  • SILICONE | This stash jar is equipped with a food-grade silicone sleeve. This has a dual purpose: it adds a layer of durability, and it blocks UV light from penetrating inside.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | Display your Ugly House products together! These have nice packaging with clear images of the Stash Air right on the front, so you don’t need to open anything to create a display area.

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