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Nectar collectors are also commonly called dab straws, and aLeaf refers to them as Purifiers. These pieces are essentially handheld dab rigs; the nail piece is heated with a torch to a temperature hot enough to vaporize the concentrates to take a dab. A separate dish or container is used to hold the wax, and then the hot nail is inserted into the dish to dab directly out of it. Nectar collectors like this one are portable vaporizers and can easily fit into a purse of backpack. The glycerin liquid purifier comes in a travel kit with elastic bands inside to keep all the pieces secure and intact. The glass piece is super thick and sturdy, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Both nails also have their own slots, and the opposite side of the case has two mesh pockets that hold the small glass dab dish.

  • NECTAR COLLECTOR | Nectar collector is another name for dab straw, which is a portable, handheld dab rig device. ALeaf Glass also refers to their nectar collector devices as Purifiers.
  • GLYCERIN | The glass piece of this nectar collector is filled with liquid glycerin. Place it in a freezer before using it to make the glycerin extra cold, which provides a cooling sensation and makes the smoke less harsh.
  • TWO NAILS | This kit includes two high quality nail attachments. These are screwed into the metal piece at the base of the glass, and is then heated with a torch. The kit includes a titanium nail which is the most durable material, and a quartz nail that provides superior flavor.
  • TRAVEL KIT | This aLeaf nectar collector comes in a travel kit. A hard shell zippered case keeps the contents safe and secure between uses. The glass piece, two nails, and small glass dab dish all have their own slots or pockets to stash in.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | Create an engaging in-store merchandising display with your aLeaf Glass products! This brand has innovative designs for their dabbing accessories, and their clean packaging is easy to use to your advantage for cohesive display purposes.
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