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While it may make sense to think bigger is better when it comes to dab rigs, mini rigs are actually superior when it comes to terpene preservation. Terpenes are degraded when they come into contact with air, so the less air inside the rig will make the dab a lot tastier. This Elite Spinner kit’s mini rig is just 5.5” tall, but made with thick, sturdy glass. It has a 10mm glass removable downstem with percolator holes for extra filtration. The Elite Spinner Kit includes a male flat bottom banger that has a 25mm base. It has plenty of room for huge globs. The kit also includes a carb cap, which is a flat glass dial with two air holes in the center and the aLeaf logo etched into one side. Two terp balls also come with the kit; drop them in the banger before it’s heated up for even heat inside the banger and less residue left behind.

  • ELITE SPINNER KIT | The aLeaf Glass Elite Spinner Kit is a heavy-duty mini dab rig kit. It packs a real punch despite its small size, and includes glass accessories. This entire kit is made of 99.9% quartz.
  • MINI RIG | Mini rigs are an underrated champ when it comes to dab accessories. Terpenes lose their potency when they touch air, so the minimal air inside mini rigs is ideal. The Elite Spinner mini rig is just 5.5” tall.
  • FLAT BANGER | The Elite Spinner Kit includes a male quartz banger. It has a flat bottom and a flat rim. The kit also includes 2 terp pearls to drop in the banger before it’s heated to help get every last bit of wax vaporized.
  • SPINNER CARB CAP | The kit also includes a spinner carb cap. This is a flat medallion of glass that has two air holes punched in the center. One side has the aLeaf logo etched on.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | Create an engaging in-store merchandising display with your aLeaf glass products. The range of innovative shapes and clean packaging makes it easy to create a cohesive display.
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