ALeaf Glass Spinner Kit “Y” – 99.9% Quartz 14mm Male 90 Degree Banger, Ball Carb Cap and Terp Pearls - Default Title
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Terpenes are what make dabs so flavorful, and a quality banger set up can maximize the flavor produced from concentrates. Quartz is the best material when it comes to bangers, and this banger is made of 99.9% quartz which provides great taste. The Y Kit has a banger with a cup at the base where the dab is added. The wax will melt around the edges, and when combined with the terp pearls and carb cap, will vaporize and swirl around the banger before it’s inhaled. The ball style carb cap is a literal ball that rests on the very top of the banger. This piece has hole poked directly through the center that provides the airflow. Cover the hole on the top with a finger and spin it around to create  a vacuum that swirls around the banger and vaporizes the concentrate. Inhale strongly to make the terp balls spin around the banger at the same time.

  • SPINNER KIT Y | The aLeaf Glass Spinner “Y” Kit is a banger set up for dab rigs. It has a 90 degree 14mm male connection joint and includes the accessories for an enjoyable dabbing experience.
  • 99.9% QUARTZ | The banger is made of 99.9% pure quartz. Quartz is the ideal material for bangers because it provides a clean taste that highlights the natural flavors of the terpenes.
  • CARB CAP | The kit includes a glass ball carb cap. It rests on top of the banger and can be rolled around on top to direct the airflow. This swirls the air around the banger for even heat distribution.
  • TERP PEARLS | The kit also includes two glass 6mm terp balls. Drop these into the top of the banger before it’s heated, so they reach the same peak temperature as the quartz. A strong inhale will cause these to swirl around the base to distribute the concentrate evenly.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | Create an engaging in-store merchandising display with your aLeaf glass products. The range of innovative shapes and clean packaging makes it easy to create a cohesive display.
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