Cannatron Best-Sellers: February 2022

The start of a new month calls for a round-up of February’s best-sellers! It's no surprise to us that some of our latest Partner Brand releases topped the list this month. Although it seems like we’re just getting into 2022, it’s already to start preparing for one of our most important sales periods: 4/20 (April 20th). Don’t procrastinate and put off your ordering until the last minute. The hottest products will be long gone by then! 

Check out February’s list of the products who are working the hardest to earn their shelf space. Make sure you have all these, or at least a few, of the best-selling products of the new year on your list for 420. We’ll have more tips and best practices for getting your store ready for 420 as March goes on. 


New Ooze Quad Battery Colors 

Three new colors of the Ooze Quad square vape pen battery are lined up in a row with the smart USB charger connected. From left to right the colors are Arctic Blue, Mary Jade and Ice Pink.

If you’ve been following these blogs for a few months now, it’ll be no surprise to see more Ooze batteries topping our best-seller list! The Quad is still a relatively new style; the square shape is patent pending and keep cartridges safe by preventing the battery from rolling off the edge of a table. These flex temp, 510 thread devices are proving to be our second most popular battery style. 

When we release new color options for category-killing products, you can bet that those new colors are going to be at the very top of the best-sellers. Our February sales proved this to be true. The three new colors really pop together on the shelf, and are in 3 trending colors that are sure to catch customers’ eyes.  


King Palm Single Tube Mini Flavor 24ct Displays 

Three displays of King Palm mini size single flavored pre-rolls are lined up in a row. From left to right the flavors are Grape-HD, Guava the Great, and Green Apple.

King Palm recently released their very first single-pack options for their flavored pre-rolls. Before, these were only available in 2-pack or 5-pack options, and they all came in resealable pouches. These 1-packs are perfect for getting customers who have never tried King Palm hooked on the brand. A brightly-wrapped pop top vial holds a single mini size pre-roll in one of three flavors: Grape-HD, Guava the Great, or Green Apple. 

Each display holds 24 tubes. Let customers grab one, or one of each flavor, when they’re ready to check out by setting the displays near your register. This will make it easy to ask if they’ve ever tried a King Palm, and you can suggest they add one to their order as a sample. They can pack the roll with bud, and stash it back in the vial to protect it until they’re ready to smoke. 


White Rhino Black Anodized Metal One-Hitter 100ct Tub 

A 100ct tub of White Rhino Anodized Metal One-Hitter Bats is shown with one single one-hitter displayed to the right of the tub.

POP displays are great, but when you’re tight on space, a compact display tub is a better option. White Rhino consistently redesigns classic smoking accessories, putting a modern spin on them. Our customers have been loving the 100ct tub of black anodized metal one-hitter bats this month. One-hitter pipes are about as old-school of a piece as it gets; a tiny bowl sits on the end of a short, straight tube pipe.  

Sometimes made out of wood, and sometimes painted to resemble a cigarette, one-hitters have been around forever. This White Rhino version is a matte black piece made of scratch-resistant metal. Typically paired with a dugout system, a one-hitter bat is piece that just about everyone can always use an extra of. These compact tubs give you plenty of inventory, customers can grab them on their own, and they can be used to replace a missing accessory from a dugout. 


Happy Kit Happy Pouch Dab 

A black Happy Kit Happy Pouch is shown with all the concentrate dabbing supplies that are included spread out around the pouch.

Happy Kits tend to be a fan favorite around the holidays. Essentially an all-in-one gift set, each Happy Kit is packed with all the goods needed for an on the go smoke session. Up until now, we’ve only offered Happy Kits that come in hard cases. The brand has recently released two new product lines geared toward the warmer months: the Happy Pack and Happy Pouch. 

The Happy Pouch sold incredibly well this month! Stores are beginning to gear up for 4/20, and Happy Pouches are the perfect travel kit for tons of stoner activities. Don’t wait around to stock your shelves for 420, the newest and most popular products always sell out first. The Happy Pouch is one of our newest arrivals PLUS one of our most popular this month! 


Truweigh Enigma 500g x 0.01g Digital Scale 

The Truweigh Enigma digital scale is shown next to the packaging.

Too many digital scale options can be confusing for customers. Scales perform one basic function, so there isn’t too much to differentiate different styles and devices. One way to make sure all your customers’ needs are met without offering too many options is to simply make sure you have a range of different weight capacity and readability options. 

Most mini weed scales measure up to either 100g or somewhere between 500g and 1,000g. The two most common readability options are measuring to either 0.1g or 0.01g. Truweigh offers most of their scale models in both options, where the smaller capacity will measure to 0.01g and the larger capacity measures to 0.1g. The Enigma is a cross between the options, and can be a solid option to offer because it has a larger capacity of 500g while still measuring to 0.01g, making it more accurate. 


Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch 

A green and stainless steel Blazer Big Buddy Turbo butane torch is shown with all the different color options shown as small square swatches below the torch image.

We keep saying that concentrates are going to be huge this year, and the proof is starting to appear in the pudding. We sold more Blazer Big Buddy torches in the last month than we have for a very long time. A reliable butane torch is an essential for anyone who takes dabbing seriously. It’s the fuel source for getting concentrates hot enough to vaporize.  

The Blazer Big Buddy comes in a range of colors, so it’s easy to create a display on a shelf with them all lined up, or you can set them around different dab rigs on display to create more of a cohesive feel. To incentivize more purchases, think about offering a can of butane gas at a discount with the purchase of a Big Buddy or other butane torch. 


Now is the time to start planning your next order to restock and get your store fully prepared for 4/20. Events are being announced and people are getting excited for the big day! Make sure you have all the essentials, accessories, replacement parts, and fun surprises ready to really wow them with your selection.