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  • Who is eligible?
    • Businesses with physical brick and mortar locations are eligible. We do not approve pop-up shops, flea market booths, kiosks, online/e-comm stores, etc.  Please do not apply with a residential address. All growers and processors should apply for an account at
  • What do I do if I have multiple stores?
    • Please indicate this in your application. Customers can set up and label multiple shipping locations in their account to keep them organized. 
  • Are there different types of accounts?
    • During the application process, our team will evaluate if you are eligible for a Wholesale, Distributor A, Distributor B, or Distributor C account. 
  • What is the application process?
    • The process includes applying through this form. Your application will be reviewed by a team member. Once your application is accepted you’ll be sent details to create your account.  
  • Required documents
    • During the application review process, we may request additional information from you in forms that may include but are not limited to documents, photos, etc. To avoid a delay please respond to these requests promptly. 
  • What can you tell me about tax information as a customer? 
    • Please make sure you include your Tax ID during the application process.
  • How do I apply?
  • How do I create my account? 
    • When your application is approved you will be sent a link to create your account and set your password. 
  • Can I access my account from my smartphone’s web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc)?
    • Yes.
  • Can I sell products I buy on Cannatron on Amazon or other eCommerce sites?
    • No. Cannatron customers agree to not sell products purchased from Cannatron on third-party sites when they submit their application.