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Welcome to Cannatron  


You are now entering the world of Cannatron! We are a House of Brands that caters to smoke shops, distributors, dispensaries, growers and processors, convenience stores, and anyone else who has a hand in the cannabis industry. Our exclusive partnerships allow us to deliver category-killing products that truly own the shelf. 


Cannatron was founded in 2015 under the name Ooze Wholesale. It all started with an Ooze vape battery that quickly became a household name and our very first category killer. These are items that do their intended job so well that there would be no point in stocking a competing product; all customers are always going to purchase the killer. 


We now have 9 Partner Brands under our umbrella with more coming soon! Cannatron is backed by a passionate team of cannabis professionals who have a deep love and understanding of all things cannabis, so when you work with Cannatron, you have access to so much more than just a marketplace to shop. We will show you the best ways to sell these category-killing products to your customers, providing you with how-to instructions, upsell opportunities, and merchandising advice to increase order values. 


Our team is always just a phone call or email away if you have additional questions or concerns! Registering for Cannatron is an easy process; just fill out the form and you’ll receive a confirmation email once approved by our team. 


Join Us. Own the Shelf.