Ooze is home to the world's best-selling vape pen batteries! We create long-lasting, powerful 510 thread vaporizer batteries that are compatible with just about every pre-filled oil, extract, essential oil, and delta 8 cartridge on the market. 

We offer a variety of different shapes, and tons of different colors to choose from! We have so much more than just plain, boring vape batteries. Our selection is sure to please even your pickiest customers with the highest standards. 

We offer a warranty on every battery we sell! This is a huge selling point for Ooze pens. Instruct your customers to register their Ooze battery as soon as they open the package. They can do so at our Product Registration page, simply locate the authenticity code at the base of the battery, and fill out the rest of the information.

Most Ooze batteries include a smart USB charger with built-in overcharge protection. These chargers have a safety mechanism that stops the energy flow from the power source to your battery as soon as the battery reaches a full charge. This will greatly extend the overall lifespan of your Ooze pen, as well as preventing any overheating. The use of a non-Ooze brand charger will result in the immediate voiding of the battery's warranty.


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Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 510 Thread Vaporizer Battery
Ooze Slim Twist 510 Thread 320 mAh CBD Vape Pen Battery + USB Charger
Ooze Quad 510 Thread 500 mAh Square Vape Pen Battery
Ooze Slim Twist Pro CBD Vape Battery
Ooze Novex Vape Pen Palm Vaporizer Battery
Ooze 650 Vape Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze 650 Twist Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze 900 Vape Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze 900 Twist Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze 1100 Vape Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze 1100 Twist Battery - 5 Pack
Ooze Vault Extract Battery with Storage Chamber
Ooze Twist Battery Display - 24ct - Gold
Ooze Twist Battery Display - 24ct - Rainbow
Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen 48ct Battery Display 510 Thread 320 mAh Vaporizers + USB Charger - Acrylic Battery Display
Ooze Standard Vape Pen 24ct Battery Display 510 Thread Rechargeable Vaporizers - Acrylic Battery Display