King Palm is dedicated to crafting all-natural king palm leaf wraps, pre rolled cones, rollies, corn husk filter tips, and tons of other innovative smoking accessories. Made with sustainable natural ingredients and without chemicals or preservatives, King Palm products are one of the first earth-friendly choices on the market. King Palm flavors are crafted using terpene essential oils to complement the terpenes found naturally in your flower. King Palm strives to create natural smoking products and accessories of the highest quality.

As the world’s first 100% real palm leaf cigar wrap, King Palm blunt wraps for smoking are truly original. These slow-burning wraps are made with palm leaves that come from the naturally abundant Cordia dichotomy tree. King Palm flavored filter tips are made of 100% corn husk, which is dense in fiber and perfect for cooling down smoke while filtering it simultaneously. When your customers get ahold of these all-natural products, they are sure to taste and feel the King Palm difference.


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King Palm Hemp Rolling Papers and Filter Tips 22ct Display – King Size – Natural
King Palm Hemp Rolling Papers and Filter Tips 22ct Display – 1 ¼ Size – Natural
King Palm Flavored Hemp Rolling Papers 50ct Display – 1 ¼ Size
King Palm Natural 3pk Pre-Rolled Palm Cones 15ct Display
King Palm Cones - Mini - 2pk - 20ct
King Palm Cones - Slim - 2pk - 20ct
King Palm Cones - Mini - 1pk - 24ct
King Palm Cones - Rollie - PP $1.99 - 2pk - 20ct
King Palm Cones - Mini - 5pk - 15ct
King Palm Rolling Tray - Small - Multiple Designs
King Palm Filters - 2pk - 50ct
King Palm Flavored Rollie Size Rolls 2pk Pouch 20ct Display
King Palm Roach Clip - 24ct
King Palm King Size 3pk Rose Cones 15ct POP Display
King Palm x Sean O’Malley Flavored Mini Rolls 2pk Pouch 20ct Counter Display
King Palm Filters - PP $0.99 - 2pk - 50ct